Sulfate Free Shampoo : Give Your Hair Freedom From Sulfate

As a kid you must have watched many TV commercials where actresses are showing off their long and strong hair with big smiles on their face and bubbles all around after using hair products. Today, with growing awareness, we find out that they did not tell us something about this product that was very important. Sulfate is the main cause of trouble in these hair products. However, there are alternatives like sulfate free shampoo that can save you from damaged hair. Let us further discuss what all problems you get if you keep using sulfate bases shampoos for long.

Problems with Sulfate based shampoo

While taking a bath or cleaning your hair, the more bubbles your soap or shower gel creates, the more satisfied we are about the cleaning. But do you know at what cost these bubbles are created? It is a myth that the more the lather, the better the cleaning. Firstly, lather has nothing to do with the cleaning and secondly, chemicals that are used to create these bubbles damage our hair. All the lather that is created is from a chemical known as sulfate, which is a primary agent in detergents. This chemical is known to set in your follicles and extract the natural oil from your scalp. As a result, you get dry and frizzy hair. Sulfate even gets deposited in your scalp which further creates skin and eye irritation. It can be highly dangerous for people who have sensitive skin. Though sulfate does clean your hair from dirt and dust, but it does huge damage to your hair as well. So you must be thinking, if there are any hair products that can save your damaged hair?

Using sulfate free hair products

Thankfully, there are alternatives available to our rescue. Today with the studies and researches, it has been proved that sulfate based shampoos do high level damages, not only to hair but also to your skin as well. Therefore, there are many companies that are manufacturing natural products are now creating sulfate free shampoos and that too with 100% natural ingredients.

No doubt, sodium lauryl sulfate free shampoo is expensive than their mainstream products. But if you look at the overall benefits, you would understand that the price you pay is nothing compared to the cost you pay for rejuvenating your damaged hair.

Good or Bad Ingredients

While buying a shampoo you must look at the content lists, if it shows SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulfate) or SLES (Sodium Laureth Sulfate), then you must keep a distance from these products. Products showing glycerin and glycosides are great for your hair. Since both the ingredients are derived from plants and natural vegetable oil, therefore they are good for your hair.

At the end, people suffering from skin allergies should stay away from Sulfates. They should use sulfate free shampoo instead. They would be much smoother and gentle on your scalp. You can easily find these shampoos on your nearby drug or grocery store or you can find them easily on the internet.


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