The Amazing Anti-aging Benefits of Laughter

Laughter helps in lifting up happy hormones and relieves stress. Not only that, laughter also gives a lot more impressive health benefits in cardiovascular health, anti-aging, and much more. Furthermore, the anti-aging benefits of laughter are clearly proven in some studies.

Laughing is one of the best feelings in the whole world. It helps bring people together and start amazing connections with anyone. From a slight giggle to a side-splitting laugh or everything may change the room temperature, from a cold to a warm family-like room atmosphere.

The health benefits of laughter are plentiful, it includes stress hormones reduction, blood pressure reduction, increase in blood flow, and organs and cells oxygenation. Furthermore, laughing also helps in providing a natural workout for some of the muscle groups in the body. It also shows an effect of the increase in creativity, intelligence, and memory.

The Nature of Laughter

Laughter is actually our body’s natural response to stimuli which our individual characters find funny. Whether it is in the form of images, physical sensations, sounds, or memories. As long as it tickles our brain, we tend to laugh.

The physical reaction to laughter is quite fast. After receiving or exposing the senses to something that is funny, electric shock rushes into our nervous system and goes directly through the cerebral cortex in the brain.

The upper brain works on the left side and decodes the syntactical structure and the words, images, sounds, etc. in a very analytical way. Furthermore, the right side of the brain is the one that is more creative and it is responsible for understanding the humor. The brain’s visual center then forms a picture of that entertaining idea. On the other hand, the limbic or the emotional system of the brain is the one that releases chemicals that helps in improving the mood or promote the happiness. Lastly, what makes us laugh or smile is our motor functioning system.

Joining activities that stimulate laughter gives the body the chance to exercise the diaphragm together with the leg, back, facial, and abdominal muscles. Furthermore, the stress hormones are also reduced because of laughter, thus adding up to the overall health.

Health Benefits of Laughter

Laughter is undeniably a medicine. The health benefits of it include reduction of stress hormones, mood improvement, creativity enhancement, and more. Ah yeah, the anti-aging benefits of laughter are also part of it.

Here are some of the health benefits of laughter:

Helps in reducing the release of stress hormones. You can reduce the level of stress hormones in the body if you participate in some activities which stimulate laughter. By reducing the release of stress hormones through laughing, the overall health can become better.

Helps in increasing the health-enhancing hormones. The increase in a number of beneficial hormones in the body is one of the positive impacts of laughter. These hormones include hormones like neurotransmitters and endorphins. If you increase the level of endorphins in the body, the lesser the sensation when you get hurt because laughter becomes painkiller. Furthermore, increase in neurotransmitters helps the brain to function faster, rapidly makes a connection, and understand problems and certain situations in a much higher rate.

Boosts the immune system. Laughter, as research says, can arouse antibody cells to develop at much faster rates through changing the body chemistry. With this, the body can fight off infections and illnesses much easier.

Serves as a natural exercise. Laughter doesn’t just give internal benefits, it can also give external effects since it can be a natural exercise. When you laugh, some muscle groups in your body are being used and engaged.

Anti-ageing Benefits of Laughter

Research observes that stress can invite diseases and it can also accelerate aging faster. Whatever you do to distress is good. And laughter is one of those things that you can do to reduce it. Laughter averts the effect of stress hormones in the body. Furthermore, it also helps in stopping the formation of damaging stress hormones in the body.

The interest of finding what is funny in every stressful situation is the one that helps in making ourselves better. Take note, the more you laugh about it, the more that you feel better.

Laughter also helps in providing exercise to the cardiovascular system. It helps in clearing out the lungs. When you laugh, more air it comes out of the body than the air that you take in. This is beneficial for those who are suffering from respiratory diseases.


The anti-aging benefits of laughter are really delightful and it will not cost you money. Aside from you are making yourself look younger, you also improve some other aspects of your life. This is how powerful laughter is. It is the reason why you shouldn’t stress yourself in some stressful matters. This is for you to still look young even though life is very hard. Make laughter a habit.


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