The Connection Between Oral Sex And Gonorrhoea


The modern sexual trends are actually enabling the spread of a perilous form of gonorrhoea. Who said this is none other than the World Health Organization. They even say that oral sex and gonorrhoea, as well as the decline in the use of condom are connected with each other. Furthermore, the STI or sexually transmitted infection –which causes infertility in some serious cases –is now rapidly developing a resistance to the antibiotics. Not only that, in some cases it is also proving that it is impossible to cure. Read on to this article to learn more about the connection between oral sex and gonorrhoea.

What is Gonorrhoea?

Gonorrhoea is a kind of infection that is due to a sexually transmitted bacteria, which may infect both male and female. Most often, gonorrhoea affects the throat, rectum, and urethra. In females, the conditions may also affect the cervix. Furthermore, gonorrhoea is most generally spread during a sexual intercourse. Whatever kind of sex –anal, oral, or vaginal, you may get the infection if your partner has it.

Furthermore, it is actually recommendable that those who are sexually active women under 25 years old are screened for gonorrhoea every year. In addition, those who are older than that, yet have multiple or new sex partner must continue testing every year.

Testing is so important due to the fact that gonorrhoea frequently occurs with no symptoms at all. However, the infection may still be causing some complications. In the actual fact, it may lead to long-term reproductive health consequences, just like infertility. This one is not necessarily in connection to the symptoms of gonorrhoea.

That’s the reason why it is so necessary to have enough knowledge about the symptoms of gonorrhea, especially in women. Continue scrolling to learn more about it!

Oral Sex and Gonorrhoea: The problem

The warnings come after the world health organization analysed data from about 77 countries and found out three (Spain, France, and Japan) to have incurable strains of gonorrhoea. This just means that the painful symptoms, like the vaginal bleeding, discharge, and burning urination in between menstrual periods among some other issues, may turn out much harder to manage. Experts even say that the situation is a bit grim. Since there are just a few new drugs that are currently under development.

The bacteria, which cause gonorrhoea are specifically smart. Each time experts use a new class of antibiotics for treatment, the bacteria evolve in order to resist them. All o these cases might just be the tip of an iceberg as the systems to diagnose and report incurable infections are actually lacking in lower-income or developing countries where the conditions is, in fact, more common.

Super Gonorrhoea

STI does not just affect the genitals, but it may also manifest itself in the throat, as well as in the rectum. The gonorrhoea in the throat is what bothers a lot of health professionals. This is since it’s here that the bacteria builds their own resistance. If you try using antibiotics to treat infections, just like the normal sore throat, this combines with the species Neisseria in the throat and this may result in the resistance of it.

Those who have gonorrhoea in the throat might be unlikely to realise it. It is therefore be more possible to pass it on through oral sex. Likewise to those who participate in an unprotected sexual intercourse.

Oral Sex and Gonorrhoea: What else are people saying?

It is actually thought that approximately 78 million people are infected with the condition every year. This is although worryingly, the immense majority of the cases happen in poor or developing countries. Of those who are infected with STI, about 1 in 10 heterosexual men and above three-quarters of gay men and women, have no effortlessly recognisable symptoms.

Finally, the World Health Organization says, the vaccines will be necessary to stop the spreading of the condition. Furthermore, from the time when penicillin, addressed as the most reliable and quickest treatment, gonorrhoea actually has established a resistance to almost all the therapeutic antibiotics.

Moreover, 15 years earlier, therapy had to change 3 times following the increase of rates in the resistance all over the world. We’re now in a certain point wherein we use the medications as our last resort. However, there are upsetting symptoms as treatment fiasco because of the resilient strains’ been popular.

It is recommendable that people should get regular test for STI, and engage in much safer sex practices. This includes the use of barriers, including oral sex. It has also been shown that cleaning with mouth wash after having oral sex may reduce the mouth’s gonorrhoea bacteria. However, it is not a replacement for condom.

If you happen to experience symptoms of gonorrhoea, or some other sexually transmitted infections, contact your doctor immediately. After all, prevention of the condition is much better than treating it.


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