The Important Facts About Female Bisexuality


Over the past years, the number of youngsters who identify themselves as bisexual in the United Kingdom has risen by about 45%. Further, a survey conducted by the Office of National Statistics discover that women were more expected to identify themselves as bisexual than lesbian. Not only that, did you know that bisexuality is more predominant in women than in men? Well, that’s a fact. Read on to this article as we will discuss more facts about female bisexuality!

Facts about Female Bisexuality…

Some studies regarding bisexuality specify that up to about 16 percent of women have had same-sex sexual intercourse. Further, The Bisexuality Report also suggests that a lot more people act like they are bisexual than identifying themselves as bisexuals.

Celebrities like Amber Heard, Anna Paquin, Angelina Jolie, and Cara Delevigne have already spoken publicly regarding their sexual orientation that has raised some positive awareness of female bisexuality. Furthermore, it also highlights the backlash and misconception that bisexuals often face.

Bisexual, Queer, Omnisexual, or Pansexual

With a lot of terms in the current practice of defining sexual orientation, it is not always easy to navigate through the sexual identity world.

In the actual fact, the average person on the street might probably say that bisexuality is the same as having a relationship with both women and women. However, really it is all about getting the romantic and sexual attraction to more than one gender, to a particular person notwithstanding whether they’re female, male, transgender, or whatever they define themselves.

There is actually a lot of reaction against the use of the term ‘bi’ as some see it as a limitation of two different genders. Or that it is making the gendered attraction one of the defining aspects of the sexuality of a person. For this very reason, some people tend to refer themselves as queers, instead of bisexuals. Moreover, others also feel that omnisexual or pansexual are terms that could better express inclusivity and openness.

In addition, bicurious is now also a term that people widely use. Specifically by women who perhaps starting to explore that particular side of them. We can be arguing about linguistics, yet it will all boil down to not being restricted by gender when it comes to whom you have sex or fall in love with, fantasize about, or who you fancy.

A Scale of Attraction

One of the most important facts about female bisexuality or bisexuality, in general, is that it is a spectrum or scale of attraction.

Even though some bisexuals might feel an equal attraction level for all the genders, or feel that the gendered attraction is not that relevant, this is not the least bit always the case.

Frequently, bisexuals are somewhere between the Kinsey Scale, instead of being at the exact midpoint in between straight and gay. You may be attracted mostly to women, yet have occasional relationships with men or vice versa. Furthermore, it may also be that feelings for a gender may be more driven by sex. Wherein, they are actually more romantic for some other people. It is something, which happens to some people. I don’t really think that we must shy away from it at all. It does not make you lesser worthy of identifying yourself as bisexual.

Always bear in mind that bisexuality is a sexual identity that’s totally inherent. It is not a phase, denial or a confusion.

Even though some bisexual women might get more attracted to a gender over another. Further, their own relationships and sexual happenstances may reflect this, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they are really confused as to whether they are straight or gay.

Bisexuality might feel undermining for some people in both the LGBTQI+ community and straight community. This is because, at some point, it suggests that maybe you can make a choice in between genders. Further, if you can make a choice, then maybe you must make that choice. Nevertheless, I disagree with this particular concept. Bisexuals are born bisexual and it’s a separate sexual identity in itself. Remember, it is not a half-hearted effort to be one thing or the other.


Observing the way bisexual women being portrayed in films and shows, they are often depicted in a negative way. In fact, sometimes, people erase it as an authentic sexual orientation.

For bisexual women, it’s about getting the society to stop in viewing them as if they’re over sexual and insatiable. As individual beings, all of us are varied and are all different from each other. Let us not spread hate to one another. For those women who want to come out as bisexual, explore and take your time. Furthermore, use whatever terms you think will suit you the most.

So, that’s it for different facts about female bisexuality. If you find this article essential or beneficial, let us know! If the abovementioned information are still not sufficient, you are free to explore the internet.


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