The Male Contraception: Facts You Need To Know About It


When we talk about contraception, the responsibility often goes to women as the choices for men are limited. The use of condoms or trying their luck with the withdrawal method are some of the few options for them. Unless a man undergo vasectomy, if he is in a heterosexual relationship, it is likely that his partner will be the one thinking about the birth control. There has been talk about the male contraception being around the corner for so many years. In this article, we are going to discuss further about this. Give this article a read and get to learn more about it.

The Male Contraception: Why don’t we have it?

The science is frequently held responsible for the reason that men are being stuck with the muse of condoms. As well as the coitus interruptus. Professionals suggest that it is much easier to stop an egg once in every month in a woman. This is in comparison to 400 million sperm in an ejaculation of a healthy man. Men actually produce more than 1000 sperm every second, day and night. This particular production line takes about 70 days. Therefore, interfering with the process of making the sperm has an effect on the long delay before it may be effective.

The latter main clinical trial of the male hormonal contraception finished 10 years ago. It needs to stop when the counselling board discerned a higher than estimated rate of mood changes, increase in sexual desire, and depression in the study participants.

This is actually a serious blow. The entire field has been at a whole stand still for over ten years now. However, the hormonal efforts are not the only options. Professionals suspect that the biggest hurdle here is not scientific, but economic.

Most of the people are using something, even though they hate it. Therefore, if you are a pharmaceutical company, you are possible cannibalizing your sales of some other methods. Moreover. for each man who uses the male method, you might have a woman who stops taking the pill.

Furthermore, even though most medications possess side effects, when you are developing a product for sick people, unwelcome reactions are offset via treating the condition. Additionally, with the use of the male contraception, are you are giving a pill to healthy persons, even the slightest after effects is deplorable.

Other Options for Men

Aside from the existing options for male contraception, as well as the absence of the male contraception, there are some other options to opt to. Furthermore, there are companies that are working on making products that may work the same as the contraceptives.


There is a company that is developing the Vasalgel. This is a gel that acts as a kind of mesh that allows some fluids to pass, yet sperm are so big to pass through. Further, the gel is being injected in the vas deferens of a man. It will then filter out the sperm as they pass by. Moreover, this is probably reversible too. Additionally, various animal experiments have shown that all you need in removing the gel is a baking soda.

The Vasalgel has some advantages over the operation of vasectomy. Vasalgel is done through injecting, thus, there is no cutting. Furthermore, it also seems to take an action more rapidly. Moreover, with the vasectomy, men are usually directed to wait for three months or a several number of ejaculations to empty the sperm out. However, with the Vasalgel, the effects will be seen in just a few weeks. I know it seems to be similar, yet at least, it is less surgical.

Clean Sheets Pill

The name of this contraception option is demonstratively because it halts the semen release when a person has an orgasm. Fundamentally, it allows men to have sex without causing any mess. furthermore, it even has the potential of reducing the transmission of HIV. The pill might be swallowed if you need to. Moreover, it is effective within four hours and rescindable after 24 hours.

The clean sheets pill works by relaxing the muscles in the vas deferens. Moreover, it also effectively cuts off the flow of semen to the penis. The fluids stay on where they are, without any outward health concerns.

An On-and-Off Switch for Sperm

This may sound a bit bizarre. However, there are some who had developed a contraception that allows a man to turn on and off the sperm. Furthermore, they invented a switch that is surgically implanted in the vas deferens. This may seem a bit weird, but who knows –it may be effective?

More Contraception Options for Men

There are some who question the need for the male contraception, as well as whether men could even be intent in the pursuit of it. However, studies actually show that men are not reluctant to shoulder the responsibility.

There is an extensive study regarding this and the great mainstream of both sexes say that they will use the male contraception if there is.


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