The Most Amazing Health Benefits of Absinthe

Have you ever encountered a green liquor in the stores before? Do you know it is absinthe or do you mistake it for some other beverages? Well, you might already saw one already, isn’t it? There are lots of alcoholic beverages on the market, which you might possibly miss this green colored liquor. However, if you passed by it, you might want to try to have a sip of this beverage. Well, aside from it is delicious, it has so many benefits. Actually, the health benefits of absinthe are so many, and we will discuss it later! Read on to learn more!

If you do not know about this alcoholic beverage and you might want to have some before you tried to drink one, you are lucky. Why? Well in this article, we will all talk more about this green colored alcoholic beverage. Just continue reading below.

Absinthe: What is it?

The absinthe is what they historically call as a highly distilled alcoholic beverage. It has the anise-flavored spirit that comes from the botanicals, which include the leaves and flowers of the Artemisia absinthium or grand wormwood, sweet fennel, green anise and other culinary and medical herbs.

Conventionally, this alcoholic beverage has the natural green color but can also be colorless. In the historical literature, they commonly refer the drink as “la fée verte” or “the green fairy”. This beverage is not bottled with sugar traditionally even though it is mistakenly referred to as a liqueur. Therefore, this alcoholic beverage is classified as a spirit.

It originated in the late 18th century in the canton of Neuchâtel, Switzerland. In the late 19th and early 20th century, it rose to great alcoholic drink among in particular among the Parisian writers and artists. The prohibitionists and social conservatives opposed the consumption of this alcoholic beverage because it owns a part of its association with the bohemian culture.

This is what they often portray as a dangerous hallucinogen and addictive psychoactive drug. Although it contains the thujone, which is a chemical compound, only in trace amounts, it was blamed because of its supposed harmful effects. By the year of 1915, they ban it in the US and some parts of Europe. This alcoholic beverage though had not been proven to be any more dangerous compared to the ordinary spirits.

This has begun its revival in the 1990s because the barriers of its production and sale have been removed. By the early 21st century, it has nearly 200 brands that were in production in many countries such as Switzerland, Spain, and France.

Different Types of

If you want to try this alcoholic beverage, then you might want to buy one right now. Well, there are many types of this, which is popular like:

  • Blanche. This type uses the ingredients of the original cooking recipe of this alcoholic beverage. It was the exact copy of this spirit before it was banned. Nothing has been altering or changed.
  • Hausgemacht. This is the German style. Unfortunately, this is not in the market for the public. Anyone who drinks has the knowledge of the recipe and they create it themselves or they buy it from someone who is making it. It has the smells of pines, which shares the taste and aroma of the gin.
  • Verte. It has the natural light green color, which comes from the lemon and hyssop balm plants. This type is often valuable in different types of cocktails as well.

Health Effects

This alcoholic beverage came to be considered to be dangerous to health because it possibly causes the hallucinations, convulsions, psychoses and mental deterioration. However, no peer-reviewed scientific studies have proven that it really possesses the hallucinogenic properties. Due to this fact, the debate over whether this drink really produces effects on the human mind has not been absolutely resolved.

In today’s day and time, it is known that this beverage does not really cause hallucinations. It is now widely accepted that the reports about the hallucinogenic effects of this drink were recognized to the poisonous adulterants. These poisonous adulterants where added to the cheaper versions of this alcoholic beverage such as impure alcohol, poisonous coloring matter and oil of wormwood.

Health Benefits of Absinthe

This drink has the benefits, which come from one of the ingredients of its which is the wormwood. Below is the list of the health benefits of absinthe one can get from the wormwood, which includes:

  • It helps in stimulating the menstruation. The wormwood ingredient of this drink is an emmenagogue, which is a substance that helps in stimulating menstrual discharges. The wormwood’s emmenagogue properties help in opening the obstructed menstrual and is regulating the menstrual cycle and thereby preventing the uterine tumors.
  • It is beneficial for the disorders that are related to the nervous system. Even though the narcotics have the bad press among the society, the narcotics have used in the medicine. The wormwood, which is an ingredient in absinthe, has the mild narcotic effect which can be beneficial to relieve convulsions, hysteric attacks, and epileptic episodes.
  • It prevents microbial infections. The wormwood ingredient of this drink has the toxic properties such as alpha-thujone and beta-thujone helps in fighting infections by killing and inhibiting the microbes.


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