The Most Common Reasons For Bleeding After Sex


If you have ever gone to the toilet after sex and looked down to see some spots of blood, it may a scary feeling. The mind may instantly race through the worst possible scenarios. Searching through the net may not be of a great help. However, though the chances are small that the bleeding after sex is actually an indication of the likes of cancer, your doctor may advise that you go and have a checkup.

It is an embarrassing symptom and that is the thing, people will frequently put off going to their GP. However, bear in mind that your doctor is not bothered at all, so you should not be either. You will not get any judgment from them.

Bleeding after sex might be because of various things. These, we will discuss in this article. So if you want to learn more about it, feel free to give this article a read.


Reasons for Bleeding After Sex

Here are some of the possible reasons on why bleeding after sex occurs:

  1. Polyps.

Polyps are often considered as harmless small fleshy growths that may grow anywhere in the body. These may be one of the causes of bleeding after sex if they grow in the cervix. They are so vascular, thus making them to poke out on the cervix’s neck. Furthermore, they may also be disturbed during a sexual intercourse and cause bleeding.

  1. Severe thrush.

If you have severe thrush, which affects your vulva, the trauma of having sex might cause some bleeding. Furthermore, this particular case is extremely rare. The main reason for the bleeding in this case might be because of the external irritation and the inflammation to the genitals.

  1. Cancer.

The most common cancer that women experience is the cervical cancer, especially those who are at the age of 35 or lower. This is what makes it a concern for young women who bleed during sex. Moreover, in terms of the possible causes of bleeding after sex, it is not a typical cause of bleeding after having sex. Nevertheless, it is definitely one of the presenting symptoms of cervical cancer.

However, bleeding during sex might indicate that there may be a gynecological cancers, just like vulval cancer, endometrial cancer, etc. Pap smear test does not account for these. Therefore, you would really need some tests. However, you would likely present some other symptoms together with post-coital bleeding.

  1. Not having sex for a long period.

Professionals confirm that not having sex for a long time may cause bleeding. Furthermore, having sex after a long break of not doing so may be innocuous. In addition, any recurrence might rule this out as a cause. In that particular case, you need to be sensible and take a serious look at it. Even though you are a doctor and you have the best equipment, someone else must do it for you. It is so important.

  1. Rough sex.

It all makes sense that sex that gets a bit more vigorous may cause more friction and thus, enough trauma to make you bleed more potentially. The same goes with a new sex partner, different positions, or something that you are not used to.

  1. Pregnancy.

Pregnancy may cause bleeding after sex. Therefore, before you engage yourself in rough sex, have yourself checked. However, also take note that it is also noteworthy that you explore some other options, cervical conditions and STIs, together with this except you are expecting to get pregnant.

  1. Vaginal dryness.

When you have a very dry vaginal tissue, it might be a potential cause of why you bleed after sex. Moreover, menopause may also trigger this, yet that is obviously not likely for young women. Therefore, it is more possible to be down there having lower levels of estrogen.

Those who have low levels of estrogen might not have regular periods or they might have a very low BMI. Anyone who has whatever skin conditions in their genital area, like psoriasis, may make the skin more possible to bleed. In this case, you may use lubes to ease the dryness. However, you need to always remember that if you are using lube, make sure that they are water-based.

  1. Pelvic inflammatory disease.

This commonly occurs as an enduring result of an STI. Further, this may lead to bleeding after or during sex. Furthermore, it may be done to some infections, one is chlamydia, yet it may also be ureaplasma, mycoplasma, or gonorrhea.

Look for some other symptoms like low-grade, niggly discharge, pelvic pain, and urinary issues of you think you have PIF. Many patients think that they just have recurring cystitis and actually they have had STI that may take a while just to diagnose it.

  1. A sexually transmitted infection.

Having an STI is a very common thing a person may consider when there is a bleeding after a sexual intercourse. Many women who had sex will search for morning after pill yet, without the symptoms, might not go further when it comes to checking for STI.


There you have it, these are the most common reasons for bleeding after sex.


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