The Most Staggering Health Benefits of Mussels

The sea is full of amazing creatures, some of which are a source of sustenance for others. Many of us crave and enjoy seafood, and who can blame us? Fish, clams, lobster, shrimp – they’re all delicious! While many sea creates are known to offer health benefits, others are still fairly unknown to the public. Have you ever tried mussels? If not, you have to! Their health benefits are something to look out far, in addition to their delicious taste. In this article, you will learn all about them. So keep reading!

What are Mussels?

Mussels, a member of the mollusk and clam family, are widely available in both freshwater and saltwater habitats. There are two kinds of mussels: green lipped mussels and blue mussels. Unlike other edible clams, mussels have an asymmetrical and elongated shape, with oval and rounded shells which range from black to gray, brown and blue. The interior of the animal is silvery and shiny. Muscles taste chewy and gritty.

Mussels are primarily found in coastal regions of the ocean as well as the edges of ponds and lakes. Freshwater mussels are generally not edible, as they yield pearls.

Mussels can be consumed steamed, broiled, fried, smoked or baked. They are also popular as a fast food item in a number of Pacific and European countries. Mussels are usually raised in farms for commercial use, but they may also be available in the wild.

Nutritional Facts

Mussels can be prepared with or even without their shells. They are now a well-known seafood by many organizations because of the environmentally friendly technique used to farm them. Mussels are dense in nutrients, including vitamin A, vitamin B complex, folate, vitamin B12 and so much more.

The omega-3 fatty acid level of mussels is higher than any meat available today, and they are lower in omega-6 fatty acids than any other popular meat. Furthermore, mussels are low in cholesterol, fat and sodium, but high in protein.

A 6-ounce serving of blue mussels has:

Fat8 grams
Protein40.4 grams
Cholesterol96 milligrams
Carbohydrates12 grams
Calcium56.2 milligrams
Magnesium63 milligrams
Potassium456 milligrams
Phosphorus484 milligrams
Iron11.4 milligrams
Omega-3 fatty acids1472 milligrams
Omega-6 fatty acids61.2 milligrams

Health Benefits of Mussels

Here are some of the most amazing health benefits of mussels:

  • Helps avert the effects of aging: the mucopolysaccharides in green mussels are beneficial in preserving the appearance of youthful skin. The mucopolysaccharides are help maintain the elasticity of the skin and give a much smoother complexion.
  • Aids healthy cellular function: the rich protein content of mussels makes them beneficial for the maintenance of cellular functions by providing structural support for the cells. This enables the metabolic reactions to generate energy, allowing cellular communications for the cells to work together.
  • Helps take care of the skin: mussels are beneficial in reviving skin cells. Furthermore, they also prevent and treat inflammation, which is one of the causes of skin aging.
  • Prevents asthma: green lipped mussels have anti-inflammatory properties, which are beneficial in reducing the symptoms of asthma. One study shows that those suffering from asthma are given a medication derived from mussels, significantly decreasing their daytime asthma attacks.
  • Helps manage weight: the meat of fresh mussels has the same amount of protein as red meat. However, it has less fat. Therefore, replacing red meat with mussel meat may constitute a low-calorie diet, which may help with weight loss.
  • Aids in a healthy heart: there is a low amount of saturated fat in mussels, but ample amount of omega-3 fatty acids. This makes them essential for heart health and helps lower the risk of abnormal heartbeats.

Mussels are not just a delicious seafood, they are also oozing with so many health benefits!


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