The Most Surprising Health Benefits Of Calamansi Juice

Most frequently, us, people suffer from various illnesses that are caused by infections caused by numerous microorganisms in the body, because of the immune system. Most people who are conscious about it consider opting for the natural method of treatment instead of the chemicals. In the hopes of boosting the immune system of the body, citrus fruits are so effective. This is since they are rich in Vitamin C content or what we call Ascorbic Acid. One of the most beneficial citrus fruit is calamansi. The health benefits of calamansi juice are beyond expectations. Did you know that these health benefits are all for the betterment of the overall health? Well, this is for a fact, and if you want to know more about the amazing calamansi, feel free to read on to this article!

What is Calamansi?

Calamansi is actually a small, and a round fruit that is so rampant in the Philippines. Scientifically, it is known as Citrus microcarpa. Furthermore, the fruit is more often use when its green rind is still green on the outside.

Calamansi actually looks the same as the Japanese sudachi as well as the kabosu. In various regions in the world, it is called, kalamansi, calamundi, kalamundin, kalamondingm kalamunding, Panama orange, calamondin orange, Golden lime, kalamondin, Chinese orange, calamunding, calamonding, or aldonisis.

Calamansi is a fruit that is grown all over Southeast Asia. Furthermore, it is very famous in the country of Philippines, where it is called the “Golden Lime”. It is tremendously beneficial for the body as it helps in eliminating the toxins, which result to lose weight much faster. Moreover, its vitamin content is perfectly amazing for the enhancement of beauty as well as bringing more glow to the face.

Calamansi is not just known to be a perfect match for sauces, the juice of calamansi is beneficial for many reasons. Did you know that taking a calamansi juice first hand in the morning may add an amazing value in constipation.

Moreover, some also say that drinking helps in increasing the resistance of the body against diseases. It is also beneficial in preventing eye illness and it helps in healing the wounds. Additionally, it also prevents tooth decay, the bleeding of the gums and loosens the teeth because it has rich content of vitamin C which assists in the maintenance of the teeth’s health.

Nutritional Facts of Calamansi

If you are looking for a citrus fruit that can give a boost in your immunity, calamansi is a good pick. Aside from its rich content of vitamin C, it has more to offer. Below are some of the nutrients that are in calamansi juice.

Thiamine.04 milligrams
Vitamin C27 milligrams
Vitamin A12%
Potassium37 milligrams
Phosphorus22 milligrams
Iron6 milligrams
Niacin.1 milligrams
Calcium40 milligrams
Protein.8 grams
Fat.1 gram

Health Benefits of Calamansi Juice

Here are some of the health benefits of calamansi juice:

  • Helps in detoxifying the body: calamansi juice is known to help in stimulating urination and flush out the kidneys. Furthermore, calamansi juice may also be powerful as a detoxifying agent. Thus strengthening the function of gallbladder, kidneys, as well as the liver to help in eliminating excess toxins in the body.
  • Helps in taking care of the skin: all over the continent of Asia, many use calamansi juice for their skin. This is since it functions as a whitening agent. Additionally, it may also help i9n delivering antioxidants to our skin, which may help in preventing wrinkles as well as some other marks of aging.
  • Helps in improving the respiratory health: the high citric acid levels in calamansi juice is beneficial in cutting through mucus and phlegm, where the infections often propagate and live. This is while soothing the inflammation I the throat as well as in the respiratory tracts.
  • Helps in controlling diabetes: this is one of the best health benefits of calamansi juice. It may help in regulating the release of glucose as well as insulin in the bloodstream.
  • Helps in lowering acidity: in spite of its high level of citric acid, many still opt for calamansi juice as it soothes the substance for the stomach. Not only that, it also helps in lowering the levels of inflammation when you consume it in moderation.
  • Helps boost the immunity: the vitamin C content of calamansi juice is beneficial in giving an amazing boost in the immune system.
  • Helps control cholesterol level: studies show that calamansi juice is beneficial in lowering the cholesterol levels. Furthermore, it also helps in preventing stroke, atherosclerosis, and heart attack.


Though the health benefits of calamansi juice are really amazing, let us not forget that all foods or beverages in excess can cause a lot of problems. you must be careful of consuming calamansi juice and honey if you have an ulcer. This is because the sour taste of calamansi may cause the ulcer to reoccur. Asking your doctor’s opinion is a must.


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