The Most Surprising Health Benefits Of Venison

Venison –have you heard of this before? Well, this is one of the underappreciated kinds of meat on the market. Well, not unless you have grown up hunting or you have ventured out of your own comfort zone when you order at fancy restaurants, there is a good chance that you may not have tried a deer meat before. Having said, there are lots of reasons that you might want to consider adding the venison to the weekly dinner table or at least try it if you want to. Venison or deer meat does not just taste good but is also oozing with essential nutrients. It is also leaner than the regular beef and is oozing with so many essential nutrients. These nutrients are what make up all the necessary health benefits of venison. Give this article a read and get to learn more about this kind of meat.

Venison: What is this?                   

Throughout the history, deer have already played a huge part in the culture, mythology, and art of various ancient civilizations. Furthermore, deer has also been one of the most important food sources for humans.

Venison is the term used to define the deer’s meat. It is actually a type of lean red meat, which is similar to that of the beef. It is often used in meatloaf, chili, and stews. You may ask, is elk venison too? Well, as a matter of fact, the term venison technically encompasses any kind of meat from the animals within the deer family. Therefore, it includes elk, reindeer, antelope, and caribou.

Other than it is low in fat and calories than the beef, venison is also capable of boasting a wide-ranging list of essential nutrients, thus providing a great amount of vitamin B12, zinc, and niacin that you need for the whole day. Furthermore, the local venison is also touted as one of the more sustainable sources of protein, which may help in keeping the population of the deer under control, thus preventing damages to crops and woodlands.

The best of all is that it is easy to use, a good way to bump up the nutritional content of almost all meals, and is full of flavor. Even though venison is produced in much smaller quantities than the other types of meat like chicken and beef, it still has a great economic impact all over the world. In the actual fact, for some of the biggest producers of venison in the world, like Great Britain, Ireland, Germany, and New Zealand, commercial deer farming may generate about $100 million annually.

Venison Nutritional Value

Is the venison or deer meat healthy? Yes, it is! Venison is not just a good source of protein, it is also capable of providing a range of important micronutrients like zinc, vitamin B12, and niacin.

One 3oz. serving of cooked venison (ground) contains about:

PrincipleAmount% Daily Value
Protein22.5 grams
Fat7 grams
Niacin7.9 milligrams39%
Vitamin B122 micrograms33%
Thiamine0.4 milligrams29%
Phosphorus194 milligrams19%
Riboflavin0.3 milligrams16%
Iron2.8 milligrams16%
Selenium8.8 micrograms13%
Potassium309 milligrams9%
Pantothenic acid0.6 milligrams6%
Magnesium20.4 milligrams5%

Additionally, venison also has folate, copper, and vitamin A.

Health Benefits of Venison

Here are some of the health benefits of venison:

  • Helps in supporting brain health. Venison may help by supplying essential vitamins and minerals, which may help in improving the cognitive function, enhance the memory, and fine-tune the focus. The niacin content of it is also beneficial in protecting against cognitive decline and the neurodegenerative conditions’ development.
  • A sustainable source of protein. Venison is one of the foods that are oozing with protein. Remember, protein makes up the foundation of the skin, nails, and the hair. It is also necessary for the synthesis of various hormones and enzymes.
  • Helps in promoting recovery and muscle growth. Venison has a high amount of protein in it. This is important for the building and repairing of the body’s tissues. Getting high amounts of protein in the diet is important in gaining muscle mass. This is since the protein is one of the building blocks for the bones, muscles, cartilage, and skin.
  • Helps in making the immune system stronger. Venison is oozing with zinc. This mineral is beneficial in playing an important role in a lot of aspects of the health, especially when it comes to the immunity. Zinc is important for the normal growth and development of the immune cells and help in preventing oxidative stress due to inflammation.
  • Helps in preventing anaemia. Venison is a great source of both iron and vitamin B12, thus helping in the prevention of anemia. Adding few servings of the deer meat in the diet is beneficial in meeting the micronutrient needs.
  • Helps in promoting weight loss. There is an ample amount of protein and low calories in the venison. This is what makes it a good addition to the diet. Remember, eating protein may help reduce the levels of ghrelin –a hormone known to stimulate hunger.


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