The Starter’s Guide To Anal Sex


Once been the main taboo, anal sex has shown a lot of evidence that in the recent years, women and men, gay, straight, & bisexual, are exploring more and more about anal sex. Not only that they explore it, but they also enjoy the pleasure it gives. Nevertheless, there are some specific ways of performing the said sexual act properly. Don’t worry if you are a beginner, this article is suitable for you. Here, we included a beginner guide to anal sex. Read on to learn more!

Anal Sex: What is this?

As what I have said above, anal sex has once been a major taboo, yet there are some evidence, which in recent years have been found pleasurable to many. In the actual fact, a lot of people find anal sex pleasurable as the anus is splendidly bestowed with a group of nerve endings. Furthermore, it is also connected with the major pelvic muscles and rhythmically contracts during the orgasm.

Though some people report feeling some pain in the first attempt to anal sex, as a person tries and learns to relax, the feeling of discomfort frequently turns into pleasure. Furthermore, for men, anal sex offers prostate stimulation as well. Bear in mind, the prostate is an organ, which provides a certain rush of pleasure during the orgasm.

Nevertheless, the anal play comes with some risks, reservations, and rules. These are necessary to understand more about the guide to anal sex. If you want to give anal sex a try, continue scrolling through this article.

Anal Sex: The Risks

Even though it is perfectly possible to have an enjoyable, safe sex, it also comes with some health considerations. This includes:

  • Transmitting germs coming from the anus to the vagina if you do vaginal sex after anal sex immediately.
  • Possible transfer of HPV or human papillomavirus.
  • Damaging the anus if a penetration isn’t gentle or slow enough.
  • Passing on some kind of infection if your partner has sexually transmitted infection or STI.

Anal Sex: The Golden Rules                                                                             

Sex must be consensual, exciting, and fun. However, when talking about the back door, there are several golden rules to apply:

  • Speak up: If you don’t feel good doing it, speak up, stop!
  • Show respect: The partner receiving anal must take charge of the pace, as well as the degree of penetration.
  • Use sex toys: A properly placed sex toy may work some wonders for the clitoral stimulation.
  • Preheat the oven: Arousal and foreplay are important in relaxing the PC muscles during the intercourse.
  • Use lube: A rectal penetration often needs a lot of lube, because the rectum isn’t capable of lubricating and the dry friction may cause discomfort.
  • Use a condom: If you or your partner haven’t been tested for any sexually transmitted infection, you need o play it safe. You need to use a condom to avoid any transmission of disease.

Anal Sex: Is it unhygienic?

This is one of the most common questions being asked regarding the beginner guide to anal sex. Well, inexplicably, the most common among all the reservations regarding anal sex is the hygiene. Some people worry about the back passage, which may be dirty, or that there might be a bacterial infection.

In the actual fact, the anus itself and the lower rectum part have a very small fecal matter in them. That means that they are not that dirty as what others expect it to be. Nevertheless, doing vaginal sex immediately after anal sex is not really desirable. Mainly, it is because even microscopic fecal elements may cause vaginal infections. In order to safeguard against these concerns, a bowel movement after sex may give a reassurance.

Anal Sex: Does it hurt?

Another one on the most common concern for the contemplation of anal sex is that it may be painful. The way that the rectum curves after getting open may mean that a great care must be taken to inserting the penis at a right angle, in order to not cause any pain. In case the sphincter muscles all over the opening of the anus are being pushed against powerfully, it will tighten.

This may easily be overcome. Because of the fact that the rectum is narrow and the lining of it is fragile, before the penetration of the penis on it, it may be accustomed to the new sensations with a message or by gently probing it with a sex toy, but with the use of lubricant for ease. This is essential in overcoming the possibility of protective flinching.

Anal Sex: Do women enjoy it?

The last to the beginner’s guide to anal sex is knowing if women really do enjoy this sexual act or not. Well, actually, some women say that anal sex is more stimulating for the male partner. This is since the anus is much tighter than the vagina. Actually, this isn’t essentially the case. If you instantaneously pleasure your own self by masturbating, the anal sex can be pleasurable for both parties.

For pleasurable anal sex, partners need to share great sexual interaction, confidence, and trust, which affirms that they both agree to do it. Nobody should pressure the other or agree to it unwillingly.


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