Things You Need To Know About The Facts About Painful Sex


One research suggests that about one in every 10 women find having sex painful. This is actually worrying enough figure. However, some studies suggest that it might be more than one –maybe three. Possible, each and every one of us knows at least a lot of women suffering, but a huge number feels that they cannot really discuss it because of embarrassment. There are some who just think of it as a sacrifice for their sex life, or just simply lie back, and keep on having penetrative sex. This is in spite of the pain as they feel that they must endure. This particular way of thinking is simply not okay. It is so important that one has enough knowledge about the facts about painful sex.

Women not complaining about Painful Sex

Not many women come to doctors and tell their own suffering about painful sex. However, it is so important to talk about it as it may be an indication of something in there. Women who do not complain about painful sex are most probably in their postmenopausal stage. Maybe their doctor is doing their pap smear test and will see that their tissues are already dry. This actually often happens after the menopausal stage.

Facts About Painful Sex: The Causes

There are many reasons for sex to be painful, from psychological to physical. It could be down to an infection, hormonal changes, medication side effects, genital irritation caused by an allergy to latex condoms or soap, or a condition like pelvic inflammatory disease or endometriosis, but until you see your doctor, you don’t know. For women to finally overcome the pain, and enjoy the sex life they deserve, they need to know the likely cause of their discomfort, then break the silence.

Beating the Embarrassment

apart from stoicism and the commonly-held belief that painful sex is just part of growing older, another reason many women don’t see their doctor is embarrassment, but while that’s understandable, we need to shake it off. You need to see a doctor or go to your local sexual health clinic to rule out a medical cause.

You may also ask to see a female doctor if you feel anxious about having a male one. Furthermore, you may also ask on who the best person you can talk to. They are actually bound by the very same rules of being confidential as doctors, and they also know who has a specialist interest. If you are nervous on starting a conversation, you can get some advices.

Dryness is so common, yet you can fix it!

Another important one on the facts about painful sex is knowing that dryness is common and is treatable.

Research suggests that the most common reason for pain was vaginal dryness. In postmenopausal women, that’s often due to reduced levels of the hormone estrogen. Moreover, in younger women, it may be that they’re not sufficiently aroused.

There’s a real lack of awareness about vaginal dryness and the fact that anything can be done for it. A lot of women assume it’s something they have to just put up with. Not only that, a significant number also think the only thing that can help is HRT. A lot of women feel like they don’t want to be using lubricants, but there are lots of options.

Dryness may also be caused by the contraceptive pill, antidepressants, some medicines for treating high blood pressure, or it can happen at particular times in the month. If it’s due to the fact that you’re not aroused enough before intercourse, it is recommendable to take ownership of finding a solution.

Each and everyone must take responsibility for their own sexual arousal. Therefore, you need to show your partner what really works for you. You must tell them what to do. You can never expect them to read through your mind.

Never Ignore Bleeding

If you bleed after sex, again, think about what may be happening. Are you near the start of your period? Were you feeling aroused when you had sex? Was your partner a little rough when he or she touched you? Could you be pregnant? Might you have an STI?

It is important to check or investigate what causes the bleeding. In much younger woman, it is always chlamydia that causes the condition until otherwise, proven. It is so important to know what really is it. Among the postmenopausal women, the possibility of it is that, the tissues may have become dry.

Treatments for Painful Sex

This is most probably the best among all the facts about painful sex that you need to know. Always bear in mind that whatever causes the pain that you feel, your doctor can actually have a treatment for that. For various allergic reactions, there are some alternatives and relief ointments and creams. For pelvic inflammation or STI, there are medications you can use. If you find dryness an issue, there are various lubes that you can use. What you need to do is to break your own silence and go visit a GP right away. Especially, if you experience pain more often than not, go check them out!


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