Top 10 Health Benefits of Kickboxing for Fitness


In the never-ending quest for losing weight. And you decided to search and try for a workout that can increase your flexibility, stamina, strength, and self-confidence? Because you wanted to live a healthier lifestyle. Maybe, you might want to take a look at Kickboxing for fitness.

Kickboxing started in Asia 2,000 years ago. And became a competitive event in 1970 when karate experts thought of a competition.  That would allow, competitors contact punches and kicks which have been prohibited in karate.

Cardio Kickboxing or Kickboxing For Fitness

Nowadays, kickboxing has become a popular workout for all ages. And it is also known as cardiovascular kickboxing, it combines martial arts, boxing, and aerobics to provide an overall physical fitness. But unlike an actual kickboxing, cardiovascular kickboxing doesn’t include physical contact. Gone are the days where getting a workout with kickboxing requires a lot of sparring. Physique experts have turned the sport into a friendlier way of getting a good workout.

Health Benefits of Kickboxing

  1. Keeps your Muscles Strong

Kickboxing teaches you how to throw a punch and kick. If you want to do it extremely well, you need to have a strong muscle. So that you’ll be able to use your hand and legs instantaneously in conjunction with your footwork and balance.

  1. Burns Calorie 

Kickboxing is not really that boring. During your practice, you will burn at least a thousand calorie without you even knowing. Within an hour of practice, you can burn 400-800 calorie. And it is good for your heart.

  1. Tone your Body

Not only is kickboxing fast-paced, explosive and fun, but even beginners can do a full body workout without any adjustments. It is a great way to tone your physique, as a result, it builds a fitter you.

  1. Improves your Flexibility

Kickboxing is the best way to develop your flexibility. In a warm-up activity in kickboxing, practitioners do some stretches for the hips and shoulders. During the practice, we mobilize our hips all of the time since kickboxing moves involve kicking to the side and front part of our body. As a result, these movements can increase basically the gesture of your hips and legs maximum ranges.

  1. Improve our Hearts Health

Usually, kickboxing round takes about 2-3 minutes with a quick break for about 60 seconds. An amazing workout considered to be a High-Intensity Interval Training or HIIT workout.

  1. Stabilizes your Energy

Training in kickboxing exhaust a lot of energy. What it does is to stabilize your energy, as a result, Cardio Kickboxing helps you build your stamina and strength. If you join a kickboxing lesson for the very first time, you might feel tired. But, this is perfectly normal as your stamina and endurance will build over time.

  1. Reduce your Frustration and Stress

Kickboxing has a list of health benefits. However, like most sport’s, individuals tend to overlook some of its values mentally. A great way to release your tension is by hitting the pads and bags.

  1. Enhances your Metabolism

All of us, need to do cardio workouts to protect our heart from diseases and maintain or lose weight. But, with kickboxing, you get to workout cardiovascular fitness with muscular work. Ever familiar with CrossFit workouts? it’s basically doing the similar theory but less the boring repetitive motions. By, doing so it does greatly improve your digestion and usage of energy.

  1. Improves your Body Strength

Punching, jumping, and kicking requires you to exert a high amount of body strength. Most heavy bags can weigh about a hundred pounds – think about it.

  1. Improves your Body Composition

Finally, kickboxing is a great sport. Some say it is the best weight loss. The program gives you a perfect mechanism to improve your body composition. One of the reasons why it works, is cardio kickboxing combines muscle strength movements and as a result, you get a fat burning workout.

In What Other Aspect Can Kickboxing Improve Me?

Self-Defense: –  A martial art that is originally developed for combat, So, the value for self-defense is imminent. Learning how to defend yourself plus getting fit is a two thumbs up.

Self-Confidence: – Being able to get fit and achieve an astonishing physique via kickboxing gives you a boost in your self-confidence. Imagine being able to wear smaller sizes you only imagine to wear? And the fact that you are able to defend yourself against an aggressor puts your head up high. A great practice is to be humble all the time.

Company/New Friends: – Furthermore, while learning and attending a class, you get the chance to meet the nicest people alike, hence, it would be very fun. Because you get to know new friends and grow your network.


If you are an individual who wants to stay fit and tried all other boring methods to get the physique you want. Kickboxing could be what you’ve been looking for. A complete body workout, that really grinds you to sweat till you achieve the look you ever wanted. And the bonus of knowing how to fight would surely get your self-esteem up.


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