Top 10 Health Benefits of Henna Leaves (Mehndi)

Mehndi or Henna finds its traces back to the times of the Vedas. In the ancient era, the mehndi has used a tint for the nails. In India the mehndi is associated with auspiciousness and mehndi ceremony is considered as a quintessential wedding ritual.  A big fat wedding planning in India is incomplete without hiring of a top mehndi artist in Ludhiana, Pune or wherever the couple is tying the knot. In some cultures of India, the mehndi application is not limited to just brides rather the grooms also have to apply it.

 Mehndi is also considered as one of elements of the solah shringar which stand for the 16 ornaments of beautification that enhance the beauty of a woman.  Mehndi is not just an ornament of beauty but is well recognized for its medicinal properties. Weddings are a stressful time and mehndi known for its cooling property is applied on the hands and feet of the bride to enable her to maintain her cool even during the stressful time. The different parts of the henna plant posses’ variety of medicinal properties which are beneficial in treating ailment which range right from headaches to leprosy.  Read on to know about the variety of medicinal benefits of mehndi.

1. Induces Hair Growth

Tired of the continuous hair fall? Are you going bald on some part of your head? Worried about going bald? Give mehndi a try as a cure for your hair fall and baldness. The leaves of mehndi act as a natural hair growth stimulator. Wondering how to use the medicinal properties of mehndi to promote hair growth?  Here is how you can control your hair fall and baldness and induce natural hair growth with mehndi leaves.

  • In a pan heat 100gm of mustard oil with 25 gm of mehndi leaves
  • Boil the mixture thoroughly
  • Strain the oil to separate the leaves with the help of a cloth
  • Allow the mixture to cool off
  • Massage the oil on your scalp on a regular basis to stimulate hair growth naturally

2. Glossy Shiny Hair

Have you always wanted a celebrity like glossy hair? Are you tired of the dull and frizzy hair? Give your hair a fresh breathe of life by treating it with the goodness of mehndi. Application of mehndi on hair not just controls hair fall but also makes the hair healthier promoting natural shine. Here is how you can make your hair glossy by using mehndi.

  • In a bowl grind, fresh mehndi leaves to a smooth paste or mix mehndi powder with water
  • Apply the paste on your hair evenly with a brush
  • Leave on the paste for 2-3 hours to let it dry naturally
  • After it has dried off rinse it off with warm water
  • Dry off your hair with a towel
  • Rinse hair oil on your hairs and leave it overnight
  • Next day wash your hair with a shampoo

The mehndi application on your hair does not just act as a natural way to make your hair glossy but it is also a natural way of colouring the hair.

3. Improved Nail Quality

Maintaining healthy nails is an essential step for maintaining good health. The cuticles and the nails are the prime locations of the body that are prone to infections. To protect your nails from the bacterial infection treat them with henna. Reduce inflammation and prevent nails from cracking by drinking water with henna leaves steeped in them. Clear up irritation, heal pain, get rid of the infection in the nail bed with the direct application of poultice on them.

4. Anti-Aging

Tired of wrinkles and aging marks? Say goodbye to the aging woes as you treat your skin with the goodness of henna. The henna plant is known for possessing antioxidant properties and treating the skin with oil and juice aids in reducing wrinkles and aging signs. It also helps in removing the insightful appearance of scars and blemishes. The antiviral and antibacterial ability of henna safeguard your skin against infections.

5. Wound Healing

A noticeable feature of henna is that it helps in healing the wounds, reducing inflammation. Henna provides a protective layer against the pathogens that cause infection. The cooling abilities of Henna help in curing sunburns by sucking the heat out from the skin.

6. Fever Cure

Henna is an age-old Ayurvedic way of bringing down fever. The cooling ability of Henna helps in curing fever either by inducing sweat thus breaking the fever or by cooling the body and giving it some relief.

7. Headache Reliever

Tired of the continuous headaches? Are you looking for natural remedies to cure your headache? Headaches are painful, get rid of it by treating it with the goodness of henna. The anti-inflammatory abilities of henna help in reducing tension and stress and promote heavy blood flow in the capillaries thus reducing the headaches.

8. Anti Inflammatory Ability

The anti-inflammatory capacity of henna and its oil makes it a best natural cure of arthritis and rheumatic pains. With ageing, the joints become weak causing paint in the muscles and cartilage. Get rid of painful body inflammation with the application of henna oil on the inflamed affected area. The henna oil aids in creating motion thus enabling you to live an active and healthy life.

9. Reduce Sleeplessness

Are you tired of spending sleep deprived night? Are you worried about becoming insomniac? Treat yourself with the goodness of henna oil which helps in alleviating sleep disorders. For those suffering from insomnia and chronic restlessness adding a little bit of henna oil to your herbal regimen aids in achieving a relaxed state of mind before the sleep. The restful schedule of the body and mind helps in getting a good night’s sleep.

10. Detoxification

With our unhealthy lifestyle, lots of toxins are present in our body. Detoxify your body by soaking bark and leaves of the henna plant in water and consuming the detox water. The consequent liquid is good for the liver and spleen. The detox water not just removes the toxins accumulated in the body but helps in optimising the functions of the body thus ensuring a healthy lifestyle.

So these are a few health benefits that a henna plant offers. Liked the post? Found it helpful? Share with us in the comments below about your views on the post in the comments below.


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