Top 4 Positions To Make Female Orgasm Easier


There is no denying that crazy, wild, never-done-before intercourse positions may keep the love life even more exciting. Nevertheless, if your goal is to learn what really works for you, keeping it all simple to begin is the key. Remember, trying to achieve intricate acrobatics diverts your attention from the sex itself. This puts your focus on how you will be able to control yourself, instead of just experiencing the sensations it gives. If you want to make orgasm easier or climax, the simplest positions may also be the best positions. In order for you to get there, here are 4 positions to make female orgasm easier during sexual intercourse. Read on to learn more!

 Female Orgasm: Explained       

If you are a woman who can have orgasms during sexual intercourse with just a little effort and finds climaxing easy –even with positions that are difficult for your partner to reach the clitoris with their fingertips, you are indeed lucky!

For the mainstream of people, ‘ringing the bell’ is not a simple thing to do. Even those women who can do masturbation to a climax without any difficulty may feel a bit anxious about ‘coming’ with a partner.

Male Orgasm vs. Female Orgasm                   

This does not seem to be fair, because aside from few of the minority of men who experience psychological difficulties with sex and are not capable of relaxing enough to ejaculate in their partner, the majority of makes really have no problem at all, especially in climaxing throughout the sexual intercourse.

Nonetheless, unquestionably, in men, the penis is what provides the pleasure. Clearly, the penis is what gets a lot of the stimulation all throughout the intercourse.

As you may already know, women, get their pleasure feelings generally from their clitoris. Well, the clitoris is actually that bit of women, which might have turned them into a penis if they had developed into a boy in the womb, rather than into a girl.

For this particular reason, most of the women need stimulation in the clitoris during sexual intercourse in various positions. However, this simply does not happen. Don’t feel bad if you happen to not experience this before. Please bear in your mind that you are not alone.

How Do You Climax?

If you are having some trouble in achieving climax, the best thing that you can do is to be by learning how to orgasm by yourself by way of masturbating. Once you are already able to climax on your own, you will find it much easier to really have exciting moments with your partner.

Nevertheless, even though you’re the queen of masturbatory techniques, you may still find it hard to climax during a full sexual intercourse. Furthermore, this will somehow definitely be due to the clitoris isn’t getting enough attention.

In that case, you will need to know the different positions to make female orgasm easier during sexual intercourse. Continue reading on to learn about this.

4 Positions to Make Female Orgasm Easier

Here are top 4 positions to make female orgasm easier:

  1. The spoons position.

This particular position needs you to lie on your side and your partner lies curled up rotund your bottom. This is so much like the spoons in a drawer. And then infiltrates you from behind.

A lot of women actually like this position, even though not all of them find it so easy to orgasm on the sides. However, the great advantage here is –either partner is able to reach down and rub the clitoris. Furthermore, neither of you need to take the weight of one another.

  1. Pinner position.

If you feel anxious touching your own clitoris, this specific position could be good. Well, you shouldn’t really touch it because it is yours, and you must feel effortlessly free to stimulate it on your own if you want to do so.

The thing about this particular position is, a lot of men cannot really tell if you’re able to touch your clitoris or not.

A lot of women who haven’t experienced ‘coming’ while doing an intercourse found that they climax in the pinner position.

  1. Free-as-air position.

A man lies on his back, woman faces the other way and then sits down on the penis. Then and there, in her time, she lowers herself gradually, so as to –with the penis inside her –her own back lies completely outspread in front of his body.

The woman may feel completely weightless (as free as air), which is somewhat a unique sensation. One more bonus is either partner may easily touch the clitoris. This position is different yet fun.

  1. CAT position.

This is basically the face-to-face position. However, the man rides way higher than he would when in some other position (e.g. missionary position). This is for the shoulders and the head to be at about 6 inches higher up in the bed than the normal.

What this actually means is –the penis does not go all its way to the vagina. Rather, its root or stem is hardly pulled touching the clitoris. This produces a great sensation in that particular organ.

The CAT position produces a lot of sensations from various positions. Therefore, it is a position that’s worth the try. It may also take you to the heights of ecstasy.


There is actually no wrong or right positions to make female orgasm easier or even both gender. Every partner must experiment in order to find out what really works for them.

I hope trying these aforementioned positions will be so much of a fun. And they may help in having an exciting and orgasmic moment.


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