Top 7 Ways To Jumpstart Your Libido


There are lots of reasons why some things may not be taking place in the bedroom. Perhaps you or your partner work for a long period of time. Or perhaps, you have young children and the relentless responsibilities that come with raising them. Because of the pressures of modern life, it is now easy to look at how couples let having an exciting sex life lose their priority. If you are tired and is under stress, it is easy to just grab the remote, instead of your partner. Nevertheless, an enjoyable sex life is important to have an intimate relationship. Ignoring sex may push couples to separate –this just increase the stress even more. Therefore, how will you be able to set the stage for having a satisfying sex life? In this article, we include the 7 ways to jumpstart your libido. Read on to learn more!

Libido: What is this?        

For those who do not know, libido is a term, which we typically use in describing sexual drive or the desire for sexual intercourse. The WHO or World Health Organization suggests that sexual health is a particular state of the social, mental, emotional, and physical well-being related to sexuality. This is one of the reasons why a lot of modern doctors recognize the significance of libido as one of the major indicators of general health, as well as the quality of life.

All the way through the history, the term ‘libido’ had various meaning in the line of work of psychoanalysts and psychiatrists, just like Sigmund Freud who had placed it on the instinctual dualism side, as well as Carl Jung who referred libido as a psychiatric energy. In today’s day and time, these particular wide-ranging descriptions are rarely in use. Now, when talking about libido, we typically concentrate on the sexual drive.

Causes of Libido

A lot of things, some psychological and some physical. Sometimes it is both that cause libido.

Various physical conditions, which may cause low libido to include the use of drugs and alcohol, too little or excessive exercise, prescription drugs, as well as low testosterone levels. On the other hand, psychological issues may include problems, stress, and depression in the relationship.

There are about 4 out of 10 men who are over the age of 45 who have a low level of testosterone. Though testosterone replacement therapy stays somewhat controversial, it is also a general solution to the problem itself.

Remember this: there is no one thing that causes libido. Therefore, it is important to talk to your doctor if you are worried that your sex drive drops. However, you don’t need to worry if your libido got lower. There are some ways to jumpstart your libido. Continue reading on to learn more about it.

7 Ways to Jumpstart your Libido

Here are the top 7 ways to jumpstart your libido:

  1. Take up yoga.

One study in 2009 suggests that yoga is essential in improving sexual desire, overall satisfaction, orgasm, and arousal. They say that feeling strong, healthy, confident, and flexible are all key factors in sexual arousal.

  1. Avoid judging yourself.

It is vital to bear in mind that there is no proper amount of sex, which you will need to have, whether you want to do it once or twice a day, or once every month. It doesn’t really matter how frequently you do it, but if you really like it. If the act doesn’t bother you or your partner, then there’s no problem.

You and your partner must push yourselves when the things are good, yet be forgiving and understanding when the things are not.

  1. Add zinc and fats in the diet.

Remember, a great sex is not all about leaping all over the bedroom. The nutrition is important when it comes to the maintenance of a healthy sex drive. Good unsaturated fats like oily fish, seeds, and nuts are essential for boosting the libido as sex hormones are produced from these aforementioned foods. Furthermore, fats are also essential in keeping the tissues like the vagina soft and lubricated.

  1. Take advantage of your sexual fantasy.

One of the most excellent ways to jumpstart your libido is a sexual fantasy. Many people feel that the lone way to experience desire is from their own partner, and it is quite disloyal and dishonest to rely on fantasy or masturbating before going to bed to feel even more aroused. If this helps in increasing libido, do it!

  1. Keep your sex life fresh.

Sex may stagnate in long-term relationships. You may end up repeating the same routine and position intercourse after intercourse. In order to keep the things fresh, you need to work at sex with your partner. You need to try anything, as long as you’re comfortable with it.

  1. Try sex toys.

Accessories in sex may add a whole new experience to the relationship and are one of the greatest ways to spice all the things up and add a variety to the bed. If you decide to do this, you start small and work your own way up

  1. Focus on the pleasure, not in the penetration.

Pleasure does not always need to come with penetrative sex. There are times when you do not really like doing sex, yet it is significant to focus on those that you find more pleasurable. This doesn’t necessarily need to be a sexual act. It must be whatever you really like to do.


After all, not wanting sex does not necessarily mean that something is weird, wrong, or abnormal. But if it really bothers you already, or if you are that concerned with having low sexual desire, try checking out a medical professional.


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