Top Things Sex Therapists Want You To Know


Having a communication is important in nearly all aspects of life. However, these days, it can actually seem as though we are more interested in social media, rather than staying connected with those we are most intimate with. In the actual fact, a British survey in 2014 showed a deplorable 61% of respondents that said, it is possible to maintain a happy kind of relationship without any sex involved. Whether you want to believe it or not, a lot of recent research also suggests that sex is important in one relationship. In the actual fact, more sex comes in association with a much happier marriage irrespective of what people may say. In this article, we are going to discuss the things sex therapists want you to know. Read on and learn more about it!


Things Sex Therapists Want You To Know

Here are the top things sex therapists want you to know:


  1. Do not put it off.

If you have a sex-related concern or worry, the best thing to do is to talk about it as soon as possible. If you do not feel so comfortable discussing it with a friend or a family member or even your partner, then try to seek out a good sex therapist to understand your condition. The longer time that you wait, the more it becomes likely that you will build the issue up into your head. Or even to start complicating it further. Remember, it is always the best to tackle concerns, instead of just letting them pester or get ignored. Above all, people openly talk about their own sexual desires and orientations. Therefore, there is no need for you to deal with your concerns all alone. Everybody deserves to feel sexual fulfillment –and that includes you.


  1. Sex means different things to different people, at different times.

There is actually no single definition of a good sex life. In the actual fact, sex is fluid –the desires and needs may drastically change from a person to another. For instance, at the beginning of a relationship, sex is typically about passion and pleasure. However, over time, it may be more about connection and intimacy. And when they finally decide to have children, it might suddenly turn into quite outcome-based. There are times that people find it hard coping with these transitions, or even find that their needs do not actually match with the needs of their partner. This is the reason why talking about sex is so important.


  1. The biggest sexual organ you have is your brain.

People tend to spend a lot of time just focusing about the genitals. However, they often forget about their brain. People refer sex as a profoundly psychological course, and the turn ons of a person may be the turn offs for the other. This is since we all get stimulated by various sensory stimuli, and have various set of negative and positive associations for all sorts of events and situations, which often relate back to the previous experiences. You may have a lot of fun with your own body, yet truly great sex needs the involvement of the brain too. In the end, it is the brain that gets flooded with a lot of essential chemicals. These chemicals are beneficial in reaching orgasm, as they help in the production of a great sexual experience.


  1. There is nothing you could say that might surprise your sex therapist.

People often go to sex therapist for all sorts of sexual conditions. This may be a question to their orientation, exploring some sort of dysfunction, or making any sense of a particular fetish that they feel, which is preventing them from the sex life that they desire the most. No matter how uncomfortable you feel in a particular sex-related issue, your sex therapist will never judge you for it. He or she will stay calm and neutral as you go through the problem itself. Sexual conditions are some sort of common reasons for those who seek therapy. Therefore, your sex therapist has most probably heard it all before. However unusual or filthy you may think your kink it, somebody else has possibly already shared it.


  1. It is good to talk about sex.

A lot of clients actually still feel that it is taboo to open up about their own sex life. They also think that sexual thoughts must be kept hidden and private. However, the truth is that, sex is a big part of who and what we are. It actually plays an important role in determining own identities, as well as in shaping the relationships we choose all through our own lives. There is nothing wrong about talking about it –there’s no degrading or shameful about doing so. You may not think that your own sexual thoughts are important to various issues in life, but at times, sharing these kinds of inner desires may really shine a light on something else, which is apparently unconnected.


So that’s it, these 5 things sex therapists want you to know can be a guide for you in unde3rstanding more about yourself and improve your sexual health and overall being.


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