Ways On How To Initiate Sex With A Lot Of Confidence


When you are in a long-term relationship, once the preliminary phase of not being able to keep your hands off each other passes, initiating or starting a sexual intercourse may start to feel so tricky, most especially for women. In this article, we are going to discuss further how to initiate sex. If you are interested on this topic, feel free to scroll through this article –you will certainly learn a lot from it.

Why is initiating sex hard?

If you are in a long-term relationship or married, you are likely to experience some difficulty in initiating sex. Whether you are a wife or a husband, low drive or high drive, we all have the potential obstacles, which may hold us back from showing our partner that we want to have sex with them.

Unfortunately, this may create a lot of confusion, since while we tend to know what our hang-ups are, we tend to not really understand our partner’s. And because a lot of people do not really like to talk about things, which make them feel vulnerable, most especially regarding sex, it is so rare that partners will actually talk about it.

Here are some of the possible reasons on why it is so hard to initiate sex:

  1. History of gatekeeping or rejection.
  2. We want to feel the other desires.
  3. There are things that we’re taught growing up that goes against our will.
  4. Sex isn’t that good enough.
  5. Sexual intercourse hurts.

The whys and wherefores on why it is so hard to initiate sex could be any of the aforementioned reasons. If you happen to feel that there is any hesitation in initiating sex, have a conversation with your partner about it. Share the reason on why you find initiating sex is hard for you and ask him or her about their thoughts. If you want to know how to initiate sex with confidence, continue reading on to this article!

How to Initiate Sex?

Here are some ways on how to initiate sex with a lot of confidence in yourself:

  1. Take your kiss down.

It is for sure that you will give your partner a kiss when you meet up at home. Kick up a notch –reach down and brush your fingers against your partner’s inner thighs. The key in here is to be gentle –this is much hotter for the both of you than just simply grabbing his ‘thing’.

  1. Play masseuse.

The entire happy ending or massage thing is actually a fantasy for a lot of people, especially guys. So if you’re a woman, better play it out at home. You can offer to give your partner a rubdown, and then slowly work your own way down south ‘til you finish up fiddling his inner thighs –you have already got it from there. Setting up the stage this way actually helps in putting him up in giving a mood and gives some serious boost in the sexual self-confidence.

  1. Dress the part.

Put some fishnet thigh high or slip lacy under your normal clothes and give your partner a peek. You may either do this before you go and leave the house. This will draw things out right away. Initiating sex may be exciting, due to the fear of the unknown. This particular feeling of excitement is actually beneficial in reigniting the chemical spark you felt in your early days with your partner. Furthermore, pretty much everyone may feel hot in fishnets. It is just how it is.

  1. Drop some obvious hints.

You can leave a sexy prop, just like the vibe you and your partner like to use or some warming lube. You can put it on his pillow in order to signal your interest. When he finally asks you about it, just give your partner a wink and go for it. In the actual fact, one study found that men are actually 4 times as possible to see sex as an act of love. Therefore, you are really boosting your bond while having a good time.

  1. Take it into text.

Send your partner a text if you know that he is already wrapping up for the day. This is for them to get a taste of what is to come. You can do this with the use of words or through a sexy close up picture, just like you wearing a bra or something sexy.it is not that your man would share it, of course, but just to be safe, you should leave your face out of it.

  1. Be demanding.

Grab your partner and tell him that you want to have sex. Demand your partner to get on to their knees, strip naked in the kitchen, or climb on top of you. Not only that this give him a strong guide of what to do, it also gives you the exact thing that you have been wanting for. You will likely to get more of what you want if you initiate it. Se the mood and choose the location, and set the pace.


So that’s it, these are the ways on how to initiate sex, with of course, confidence. Do practice it with your partner and enjoy your ‘me’ time!


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