What Are The Best Ways On How To Build Sexual Confidence?


Having sexual intercourse for the very first time is very nerve-wracking. However, it is not the only time when the mere thought of sex may feel daunting. A lot of us will have the tendency to go through various periods of abstinence later in life. As well as the thought of engaging in various sexual activity may again spark the feelings of insecurity. There are some reasons on why someone may have experienced a certain extended amount of time with no sex at all. This includes difficulty meeting the right person, losing a loved one, breakup, or divorce. More often, by the time we engage ourselves in sex again, it feels like we are back to zero with our own sexual confidence. That’s why it is essential for us to learn and understand the different ways on how to build sexual confidence. Read on to learn more about this!

Sexual Confidence…

Sex is an occasional, joyous, and natural act of partners or lovers. Nevertheless, it may also be stressful, and mainly for shy men and women who feel like groping amateurs amongst the professionals. Among the greatest traits that anyone can have is confidence. If you are confident during a sexual intercourse, it makes the whole experience much a lot better than it is. However, for most people, confidence is not something that you can achieve overnight. Knowing how to build sexual confidence is not easy.

If you don’t think that having confidence in bed is a big deal, you need to think once more. Having a high sexual confidence in the bed is essential not just for you but to your partner as well. It gives more pleasure and enjoyment. Moreover, having sexual confidence is beneficial the betterment of the performance itself.

Ways on How to Build Sexual Confidence       

Here are some ways on how to build sexual confidence:

  1. Have a sense of humor.

Sex can be so intimidating and complicated at all times, let alone when we have been celibate for a lengthy period. For this very reason, we tend to forget that at the core of it, sex is all about connection, fun, and pleasure. Furthermore, since having sex with a partner occurs between bodies, it may also be messy, unintentionally hilarious, and an embarrassing experience. Using this as a particular point of connection with your partner, instead of something to be embarrassed by, may be beneficial in lightening the things up. The chances are, your partner is also nervous, thus bonding with humor can be so relaxing and sexy at the same time.

  1. Focus on the pleasure, not on the performance.

Whenever you start a new relationship, most especially after a very long time with no sex partner, we tend to feel anxious on things like weight, shape, size, and attractiveness, as well as how well we perform in sex. This particular mindset is not good as it disconnects the body from the pleasure, if you got into this situation, try focusing rather on the body sensations. Pay more attention to how things feel than how perfect it is that you appear to be.

  1. Have a communication with your partner.

You must begin a new relationship when they mean to go on. Furthermore, good communication is a huge part of whatever successful sexual relationship you have. There are some things that are more attractive in a partner than the confidence to speak up about the needs or desires. Having a communication with your partner helps in improving the chances of getting what you really want from the sexual relationship.

  1. Know what really gives you pleasure.

The more you know on what makes you turn on and helps you experience orgasm and pleasure, the better you will be able to share the things with your partner. This leads to a better and more positive profound experience. Reacquainting with your body in this particular way may help in accepting and gaining confidence when you are with your partner. It is so easy to forget the positive things about the body when we’re feeling insecure and focusing more on the parts that we do not like.

  1. Learn from experiences.

Every new relationship can offer a very promising start that means a new opportunity to do some things that are different and better than what happened before. Now is actually the time that you look back on the past sexual experiences. Getting so much clarity around the needs and the boundaries will be beneficial in starting a new sexual relationship in a much more proactive way that may in turn help in feeling safer and more grounded.


No one says that achieving sexual confidence is so easy. Even though you masturbate a lot of times, you may still get nervous when the other person or your partner is added to it. In the actual fact, achieving it takes time. However, if there is one thing that you should stick in mind, it’s that it all starts with you.


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