What Are The Different Ways On How To Come?


Do you struggle in reaching orgasm, or do you fail at hitting the high notes when you’re doing a sexual intercourse with your partner? In the actual fact, not being able to achieve orgasm is quite common, and as countless as one in three women experience some trouble in climaxing. Good thing, there are some ways on how to come more effortlessly and efficiently.

Coming is usually referred to as the end-goal of sex for both men and women. Though orgasms are undoubtedly a part of the pleasure, great sex is all about the journey and not the endpoint. As a matter of fact, trying to reach the orgasm may get in the way of enjoying the sex itself.

The difficulty in achieving orgasm is very common. In some men and women, it is not at all a problem, and for some, it is.

Are you Anorgasmic?         

Orgasmic dysfunction or anorgasmia is a kind of sexual dysfunction where a woman cannot orgasm. This is even though there is a help of enough stimulation. There are few types of anorgasmia. They are as follows:

  • Primary anorgasmia –this is the type of anorgasmia in which you have never experienced orgasm.
  • Secondary anorgasmia –this is when you are accustomed to orgasm yet stopped experiencing it suddenly.
  • Situational anorgasmia –this is where you are able to orgasm in some situations, yet not in some others.

More often than not, people who can orgasm if they masturbate on their own. However, at the time their partner is already involved, they cannot.

Why some women scuffle to come?

Women, not being able to come or climax may be due to a variety of factors. This includes physical conditions, boredom, changes in the hormone levels, stress, exhaustion, and various medications like antidepressants.

Furthermore, there are some women who scuffle to orgasm or reach orgasm because they are afraid of losing the control and being vulnerable with someone else. One common cause is embarrassment and shyness. Having the capacity to relax in front on somebody and losing control may be so hard for some people.

People may be self-conscious and get into a negative pattern of thought, wherein they overthink about it and are not really being present in their own body.

How to Orgasm through Penetrative Sex?

Majority of women are not actually capable of orgasm from sexual intercourse only. A study suggests that 4 in 5 women fail to reach orgasm through the penetration with no clitoral stimulation.

Most of the women do not orgasm by way of penetrative sex. If they do, it is just because they are grinding the clitoris on the pelvic bone of the partner. This doesn’t have something to do with penetration.

Moreover, it is not unusual for women to fake orgasm in order to make their own partner happy. This is entirely common, especially if they have been doing it for so long already. This is since it already becomes hard, to be honest and acknowledge that they have never experienced having an orgasm.

Top 4 Ways on How to Come          

Here are the top 4 ways on how to come:

  • Work out what really pleasures you.

More often than not, we think of sex as all about sexual intercourse. However, there are a lot of other avenues of pleasure that you can explore. Remember, sex doesn’t have to comprise penetration always. You need to work out what you really like. Whether it is having him go down on you, using sex toys, dressing up, talking dirty, and kissing.

  • Take off the pressure.

If you are obsessing on the orgasms, it can make it even more difficult to achieve it. It may be quite frustrating if you try and make them take place. You might begin to enjoy sex more if you begin with how turned on you may be feeling at the beginning and by following that particular feeling to know where it is going to take you, instead of trying to have sex just to get to the point of orgasm. Rather than trying to achieve orgasm, try tuning into what’s hot, either what feels good in the body, or hot contemplations, or both.

  • Invest your money on sex toys.

Most of the women want a direct clitoral stimulation for the satisfaction of climax. Good thing, there are sex toys. For those who haven’t tried using one before, you need to try the slimmer vibrators first and those with the rabbit ears that provide dual stimulation of b0th the G spot and the clitoris.

  • Masturbate.

It is not typical to find women who are masturbating, yet do not orgasm. Women cannot orgasm sometimes, yet they say that they already orgasm while masturbating on their own. If you have never tried orgasm with your partner before, you should try it on your own. Well, masturbation is one thing that you can easily learn to do.


If you are that worried about not being able to come, or reach orgasm, speak to your doctor. They can provide you with full health checkup in order to see if there is an underlying medical condition or refer you to some gynecologists. Some psychotherapy may also help you in dealing with it and discover some other ways on how to come, or achieve orgasm or climax, in general.


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