What Are The Health Benefits Of Glutathione?

When we hear Glutathione, many people will assume that it is for lightening the skin. How about you? Do you think that it is solely for skin only? Do you have any idea what this is for? Give this article a read and get to know about the different health benefits of glutathione.

Glutathione: What is it?

The Glutathione is actually a peptide, which consists of three main amino acids, which play a vital role in our body. Many believe that it is essential to health in which the level of it our cell becomes a predictor of how long we live.

Glutathione was coined as “The Mother of All Antioxidants”; it becomes the hottest topics in health and medical circles. Many different scientific articles have already addressed this as a powerful molecule. In addition, right now, there are rare cases about the deficiency of it. Probably the reason is the lack of the knowledge about these antioxidants in which we should have. Moreover, that is why we will talk about this in this article. In order to know more, continue reading below.

Every cell in our bodies produces this that is why it is so crucial to our health. It is the most important antioxidant in our body because it is within the cells. Furthermore, even though it is essential in maintaining a healthy immune system, it is not an essential nutrient technically. The reason for that is the body from the amino acids can create glycine, L-glutamic acid, and L-cysteine.

Below is the list of some of the functions the GSH is responsible for which include:
  • A cofactor or helper molecule for some important enzymes, which include glutathione peroxide that protects us from oxidative damage.
  • Cancer apoptosis which a programmed cell death.
  • Helps in detoxifying the methylglyoxal which is a toxin produced as a metabolism by-product
  • Involved in the protein disulfide bond arrangement.
  • It conjugates or links together with the drugs in order to make them more digestible.
  • Reduces the peroxides, which are natural bleaching agents that are harmful to our body.
Other than the vital function of it, it also gives benefits such as:
  • Fights cancer.
  • Helps in preventing drug resistance.
  • Plays a crucial role in the immune function
  • Promotes the T-cell function that is critical for a strong immune system.
  • Protects from environmental functions

Foods and Supplement

Even though there are rare cases of deficiency, you still have to consume the supplements or foods to have the benefits. Below is the list of the foods and supplements that include:

·         Whey Protein

It replenishes this peptide by boosting the cysteine that helps in rebuilding it when depleted from an immune response. It is an ideal supplement in helping to naturally increase this peptide to fight cancer, strengthen immunity, and increase metabolism. Remember to avoid any whey protein which is a protein isolate or processes. The ideal one is the natural, organic, and is free from pesticides, hormones, gluten free and artificial sweetener.

·         Milk Thistle

It is having been long praised as a remedy for the immune dysfunctions. The silymarin which is a unique flavonoid complex since it has been used for the biliary tract disease and liver damage. The scientists stated that the milk thistle ability to enhance GSH is the secret to its healing prowess.

·         Sulfur Foods

It already a fact that the GSH concentrations are taking a nosedive in lungs and liver when the Sulphur amino acid is inadequate. That is why eating sulfur-rich foods are recommended as:

·         Vitamin E and C

The Vitamin C is helping in raising this peptide in the lymphocytes and red blood cells. The Vitamin E, an important antioxidant, which works with GSH in order to prevent damage from reactive oxygen. In addition, the Vitamin E protects the glutathione-dependent enzyme. Therefore, consuming foods that have the Vitamin E and C is necessary.

Health Benefits of Glutathione

Here are some of the most astounding health benefits of glutathione:

  • It increases the mobility of an individual who has peripheral artery disease. When the peripheral arteries are clogged by the plaque, the peripheral artery occurs. A study shows that this antioxidant is improving the circulation. Therefore, the ability of the participant to walk without pain for longer distances increases.
  • It may improve psoriasis. A study shows that the whey protein is improving psoriasis whether there is an additional treatment or not. The whey protein is already has been demonstrated to increase the level of this antioxidant.
  • It reduces the cell death in fatty liver disease. The cell death in the liver may be aggravated by the antioxidants deficiency. This may lead to fatty liver disease whether a person misuses the alcohol or not. This antioxidant has shown to be improving the enzyme, bilirubin and protein levels in the blood of those who have the fatty liver disease.
  • It reduces the oxidative stress. The oxidative stress occurs when there is an imbalance between the ability of the body to fight the free radicals and the free radical’s production. It may lead to multiple diseases like cancer, rheumatoid arthritis, and diabetes. This antioxidant helps in staving off the oxidative stress’ impact and thus, reduces the disease.


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