What Are The Surprising Health Benefits Of Damiana?


Who among us doesn’t want to be healthy using medicinal plants and herbs? This is way healthier than using During ancient times until now medicinal plants and herbs are playing an important role in our daily lives. It supports benefits for the body of the user. Some say it’s cheap, and some are still believed the benefits it gives. However, people discover the benefits of Damiana in many countries that are now disseminated in many more countries. Some used the Damiana leaves, stem, flowers, fruits, and its shrub to make medicines rather than buying expensive medicine. Damiana is one of the plants that should be valued. It has the ability to treat and give benefits to the health. Give this article a read and get to know more about the different health benefits of Damiana.

Damiana: What is this?

Damiana is a distinctly small, its woody shrub may provide the small flowers which is known as aromatic flowers. The aromatic leaves are colored by yellow-brown. The twigs of Damiana is colored by red-brown and it has been added to crude drugs together with its fruits. Early summer until the end of summer, its blossoms exist and followed by its fruits that is taste like figs. Its shrub is popular as a strong spice, which is similar to chamomile, because of essential oils inside the plants.

Damiana is natively popular in United States, Caribbean, Mexico, Central America, Southern Texas, and South America. It has a close family relation to the Passifloraceae, which is popular as flowering plants.

Uses Of Damiana                                

There are benefits of Damiana that others don’t know. Therefore a lot of ways to use Damiana in which is really great to benefit the body. The uses of Damiana as it follows:

  • Both stem and leaf – It is commonly valuable in making medicine.
  • Damiana also used to increase the sexual desire of men and women.
  • Damiana is one of the traditional ingredients beneficial in making Mexican Liqueur
  • It has the ability to treat bedwetting, headaches, nervous stomach.
  • It is very useful to treat mild depressions, relieving asthma, and controlling nervousness and anxiety.
  • It’s also good for handling constipation and enhancing the digestion.
  • Prevents the sexual problems, maintaining and boosting the physical and mental stamina.
  • The Damiana fragrant leave is beneficial in making tea.

Health Benefits Of Damiana

Damiana is not only a plant, it has the properties which are good for the health and body. The following are some of the health benefits of Damiana:

  • Anti-Cancer Properties – Damiana is like a toxic which is against cancer cells including nasopharynx, breast cancer, and human hepatoma. Damiana has the ability to inhibit the cancel growth up to 31.3%.
  • Anti-Depressant and Anti-Anxiety Properties – Damiana has the ability to enhance the sexual performance due to this, it reduces the anxiety. Damiana contains apigenin properties which can provide relaxation properties. Damiana has anti-stress and anti-depressant effects. It contains similar properties that are present in marijuana. It produces hallucinogenic and euphoric effects.
  • Assists the Muscular System – Damiana has the ability to help the muscle spasms. It helps to relax the muscle and ease the pain when a high dosage of Damiana ingest.
  • Defends Against Diabetes – Damiana contains the property to treat Type 2 Diabetes. It assists the blood sugar and protects against the hyperglycemia.
  • Growths Sexual Vitality – Damiana act as an aphrodisiac in which helps the men to produce two or more ejaculation. It helps to increase the testosterone. While in women, Damiana helps the sexual function after the menopausal stage. It has the ability to help the female fertility.
  • Helps With Obesity – Damiana contains guarana and yerba mate which has the antiobesity effect in the body. When you combine it with resveratrol or inulin, it helps also to lose weight.
  • Increases Energy – Damiana is a great producer of a stimulant effect. Damiana has no caffeine, unlike the other plants. A low dosage of Damiana might be more soothing.
  • Shields the Liver and Kidneys – Damiana is responsible for helping the kidney and bladder infections due to its diuretic effect. It protects the kidney suffering from oxidative stress.

Safety Concerns using Damiana

Damiana is good and likely safe when it is ingesting and mixed in foods and also used for medicinal purposes. However, there is also a severe side effect taking up this type of plants. It is advisable to visit your doctors before taking the Damiana when you are suffering from serious cases. Because it may affect some complications.

Special Warnings & Precautions:

Breast Feeding and Pregnancy Stage: There’s nothing reliable details and research regarding the consumption of Damiana. However, they are advising to avoid consuming Damiana when you are in the stage of breastfeeding or pregnant women. It is better to be safe than taking the risk.

Diabetes: Damiana has the ability to affect the level of blood sugar people who are suffering from diabetes. It is recommendable to monitor the blood sugar level while consuming Damiana.

Surgery: Damiana may also affect the level of blood glucose. However, there’s a tendency to interfere with the blood glucose due by consuming Damiana after the surgery. It is recommendable to stop using and consuming Damiana one to two weeks before taking the surgery.


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