What Is The Fastest HIV Test?


While the viewpoint  for those who have HIV is taming continually, it is still so much prevalent in some counties all over the world. As we all know, HIV is an incurable virus, which may attack the immune system. In the actual fact, there are some counties that has a number of people who live with the condition, which has doubled over the last ten years. Furthermore, the latest statistics also propose that as countless as 20, 000 are actually living with HIV and they don’t have any diagnosis of it. In this article, we will discuss about the fastest HIV test that you and other people may use. Wait, is there even something like that? Read on through this article.

What is HIV?

Human Immunodeficiency Virus or HIV is a kind of virus that spread through particular body fluids, which attacks the immune system of the body. Specifically, the virus affects the T cells or the CD4 cells. Over the course of time, HIV may destroy a lot of these cells, which the body cannot fight off. This may cause more havoc and cause various diseases and infections. Bear in mind that various infections may take advantage of the weak immune system and may indicate that a person has AIDS.

Moreover, there are still no effective treatment exists for HIV. Nonetheless, with the proper care, you can control it. The medicines essential for the HIV are what they call ART or Antiretroviral Therapy. If those who have HIV take ART, the viral infection may become unnoticeable. This just means that the virus may live longer, have healthy lives, and effectively have no risk of transmitting HIV to those who don’t have HIV yet through sex.

HIV: How does it infect people?

HIV is mainly present in the bodily fluids of the person who has it. This includes the breast milk, blood, and semen. This does not include the urine and sweat. The most common of all the ways of contracting it is through vaginal or anal sex with no use of condom. In the actual fact, it accounts to about 95% of the cases. Some other ways of acquiring HIV may include:

  • There are cases of HIV that spread through oral sex with no protection. Worry less,as the chance of this is very rare and so small.
  • Transmission from a mother to a baby during a pregnancy, breastfeeding, or birth.
  • The use of contaminated syringe or needle.

Stages of HIV

When people acquire HIV and do not receive any treatment, they’ll usually progress via three stages of disease. The ART treatment may be beneficial for all the stages. Furthermore, it may also help in slowing or preventing the progression from a stage to another.

  1. Acute HIV Infection

After 2-4 weeks of getting in contact with the infection, people may feel some flu-like illness that may last for a few weeks. This is actually the natural response of the body to infection. If people experience acute kind of HIV infection, there might be a large amount of virus in the blood and may be contagious.

  • Clinical Latency

This particular stage, they often call the chronic HIV infection or asymptomatic infection. During this stage, the HIV is still active yet duplicates at a very low level. Furthermore, people may not get sick or have any symptoms during this time. For those who are not taking medicines for HIV, this particular stage may last for a decade or more.

  • AIDS – Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome

This is the most severe stage of HIV, those who have AIDS have a severely injured immunity, wherein they get an growing number of austere illnesses. Without any treatments, HIV patients without treatments may last for only 3 years.

Fastest HIV Test: How to get tested?

In the actual fact, the only ,way for you to find out if you have the infection is to get a test for it. It is so important to get a test for HIV. This is even though you are not essentially at risk of it. Furthermore, it is also so easy. The process may involve analyzing a sample saliva or blood for symptoms of the infection. You can get this through your local sexual health clinic or GP.  What if you can’t go, visit your GP, is there some kind of fastest HIV test? Well, let’s see!

As an alternative, if you are not able or not willing to seek some face-to-face treatment, home testing kits may be essential for you. This is actually what they often refer to as the fastest HIV test, as you will not need to go to your doctor to have a test. These at-home testing kits may actually provide an accurate diagnosis in just a matter of minutes.

In comparison to that of the other DIY sexual health tests, the HIV test kits are the most reliable. You may get a test at home for some other kinds of sexual infections as well.


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