Why Do One Feel Sad After Sex?


Done properly and with a partner you adore, consensual sex is supposedly to make you feel fantastic. That may cause you to believe that it could never make you feel sad after sex. However, thanks to a whole new area of research regarding the variety of responses humans have after having sex, researchers discern this is not significantly true for about half of the overall population.

Potcoital dysphoria or post-sex blues is actually an extremely common yet astoundingly under-researched spectacle, which makes both sexes feel anxious, depressed, angry, and sad after having asexual intercourse.  We do not know too much about this yet. However, what we know must leave you relieved in case this is something that you experience in your very own sex life.

Feel Sad After Sex: Post-sex tears

One small yet groundbreaking study from October in the year 2015 actually found that about 46% of the 230 female college students who joined suffered post-coital dysphoria no less than once in their whole life. This just means that only about half of all the sexually active young women may possibly recall feeling aggressive, depressed, angry, anxious, and melancholic after sex. This is even though sex itself was great. Further, even if the sexual act was just masturbation.

The lead researcher states that approximately one percent of the all women respondents said that they felt blue after having sex. This is every single time, and basing on the feedback from the research itself.  They believe that the postcoital dysphoira may be common in men as well. But then again, due to the fact that the study is just the first ones, it’s difficult to know how common this particular feeling is, really.

The participants of the research even say that they feel a feeling of shame and anger. As well as the loss of self. This feeling may last for a day. The condition is thought to happen due to homesickness or the feeling of being out of place in your body. These feelings do not always come with tears. Sometimes, there are tears even without the feelings. Both of the phenomenon are confusing, yet neither must make you feel alone.

This is Not a Cause for Break-up

Apart from the fact that there are far too few research regarding the phenomenon, which may affect a lot of people, there is something else that the study found out. In the actual fact, you may also have the best orgasm with the person you love so dearly and still feel a bit blue after. Nevertheless, bear in mind that the study has its focus on the consensual sex alone between happy partners. Therefore, postcoital dysphoria is not an indication that you need to end things between you and your partner.

A psychologist says that if you find that you just feel sad after sex with a particular partner, you may consider what about the specific situation or partner is making you feel sad. If it is all the time, yet not will all the partners you have, it’d be more of a curious case with that particular partner that makes you feel blue after having sex.

However, if after a sexual intercourse, sadness happens recurrently, throughout your whole life, with various partners, it may be not fair to blame your own partner for those feelings. There is so many nonsense that goes with the person has not met the perfect lover, and that is very nonsense at all.

Orgasms are a serious relief.

If you feel sad after sex, orgasm will be to give you relief. While orgasm may feel like building up physically and release of pressure, they may also trigger the release of emotions. This is a pressure cooker situation. Furthermore, from time to time orgasm trigger the release of things you have been planning throughout the days. Further, this might cause you to feel blue somehow.

Certainly, sex may be an experience of letting go and losing ones self. Furthermore, it may also be that it is the point of orgasm. It is just like all that stuff that has been popping up beneath the surface free. Everything you have been holding back, there will be huge exhale.

You may not realize it, yet those thinks that you think you are letting go are in fact, just stockpiled emotionally. Further, when you finally feel orgasm, you may also release the feelings that you means to keep hidden. This is wholly normal, yet still may be disarming and surprising.


It does not meant that if you are broken, it already means that you do not lover every single minute of the actual sex. Furthermore, it doesn’t necessarily mean that your sex life is a mess. this just means that you and possibly half of the everyone you may know, are affected by a common, yet very mysterious phenomenon, which goes against everything we believe in. Always bear in your mind if you feel sad after sex, you are not alone. There are many of you who experience this.


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