Secret Of Slim And Fit People : Calorie Burning Exercises

Whenever you feel like giving up, think why you started. Exercise is something crossing your limits. Until and unless you do not cross your limits you do not lose weight. For losing weight or shedding extra pounds everyone has to apparently go beyond his limits.

  • Cycling: The first exercise which comes into picture when thinking about calorie burning exercises is cycling. It is one of the exercises in which whole of your body experiences movement. It is estimated that one hour of continuous cycling can reduce up to 800-1000 calories. The figure lies near 800 for women and it is around 950 for men.
  • Swimming and water aerobics: one hour of serious water aerobics ensures 200-400 calories to burn.
  • Skipping rope: skipping rope which was just a game for us, is so much helpful in burning calories. It burns a total of 700 calories in just 10-15 minutes.
  • Brisk walking: burning calories through walking is little harder than that of swimming, skipping, cycling but then it is the most natural way of burning calories. Running or brisk walking in natural air also causes the skin to glow and makes you look attractive. A thirty minute of brisk walk can help you reduce 300 calories. Figure increases if you replace brisk walk with running.
  • Skating: just have a look on Google images; every skater is slim and fit personality. Skating makes the movement of your thigh and butt muscles. This helps to reduce your body muscles. Do not make all hard strokes, make the strokes alternate. Always breathe through nose because it makes metabolism efficient and increases the stamina while exercising.

  • Dancing: dancing involves the active movement of almost every part of body. Dancing makes you flexible as well as burn calories significantly.
  • Aerobics: it is nothing but a kind of dance. In aerobic dancing you have to exercise with fast music. Not everyone is comfortable with aerobics in the first go. But as you start practicing regularly it becomes easier and interesting. Aerobic dancing gives perfect shape to a women’s body. The more time you invest, more you burn.
  • Cardio: continuous shots of cardio are very beneficial in burning calories. Cardio mostly ensure weight loss from upper body. A thirty minute workout plan can burn almost 500 calories.
  • Sports: various sports like valley ball, basket ball or foot ball also promise weight loss by calorie burning. One can burn 400 calories in a one hour play.

Contribution of your love in calorie burning:

It is very amazing to know that the love act “smooch” burns calorie. A normal lip kiss will not contribute in burning calories. But a vigorous smooch will definitely burn a good amount of calories. It is estimated that kissing for one hour burns 100-120 calories. This means on an average kissing will burn 2 calories per minute. Also, the moans and heavy breathe ensure more calorie burn. So this time when you will kiss your partner, remember that along with love making you are going to reduce your tough calories.

Facts about calorie burning:

  • Everyone’s weight depends upon few factors which are height, sex, food they eat, age and the physical activity they perform.
  • Having control on the factors food and physical activity, keeping in mind your sex, age and height you can surely attain any desired figure or physique.
  • Also the tendency to burn calories is different for every individual. One person might lose 600 calories from aerobics and other might lose 400.
  • Know the right time and place for your workout plan.

Heavy exercises should be avoided during menses.