7 Superfoods You Should Eat Wherein Your Future Self Will Thank You

Look at what you’re eating right now, do you know whether the food is good for you or not, or it’s never crossed your mind the nutrients or lack thereof you’re putting in your body. Superfoods is a term you should familiarize yourself with, these are foods that have incredibly high nutritional value that will provide your body what it needs. You can find these foods whether you’re from San Francisco to Chicago. If caregiver services is something you’re trying to avoid in the future then you should incorporate these 8 superfoods to your diet.


The avocado is well-known to contain healthy fats that our body needs. This superfood not only contains healthy fats but other nutrients from Vitamin K, C, E and even more potassium than bananas. Avocados also contain high amounts of fiber, which helps maintain blood sugar and can keep you from diseases. They also help protect your heart by lowering cholesterol and triglyceride. Your eyes are also protected by avocados because they contain Lutein and Zeaxanthin, so there’s lesser chance for cataract.

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Barley, a type of grain, can be prepared in many ways from being an accessory to your dish in the form of kernels or flakes or being a complete substitute to regular flour. Barley contains a type of nutrient called lignans, these lignans are said to help your body defend itself from some cancers. This grain also protects you from heart diseases by lowering cholesterol and maintaining a low blood pressure.

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If you want something to snack on the Cashew nut is an excellent choice, first it has no cholesterol at all and is filled with omega 3 fatty acids that help keep your heart healthy and circulatory system running smoothly. They are also rich in magnesium that lower cholesterol and keep your blood sugar level at bay. This also means that it will help keep your teeth and bones strong, and overall keep you relaxed. These nuts are also believed to reduce or even halt the spread of tumor cells in the body.

Dark Chocolate

Dark Chocolate is great for the heart, but to get the full benefits of dark chocolate it has to have at least 70% cacao. Dark chocolate keeps the hearth healthy because of the antioxidants it contains. It lowers your blood pressure, promotes a good blood flow and protects your heart from diseases.

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In addition to being low in calories spinach is known for being full of vitamins. They help in fighting a high acid diet and the carotenoids keep your eyes from cataract and other eye issues. Spinach also contains calcium and magnesium that is needed to maintain your teeth and bones.


Like most of the superfoods salmon is high in Omega-3 Fatty Acids which lowers cholesterol and blood pressure, keeping the veins and arteries flexible and functioning normally. These fatty acids with the amino acids also help care for your eyes, keeping them from losing vision and making sure they are not fatigued. These acids also make sure that your brain is sharp and running as efficiently as possible. There is also a possibility that it will keep you from losing memories.


This small fruit is said to contain the highest number of anti-oxidants namely flavonoids. This high count in anti-oxidants prevent DNA damage which is said to be one of the causes of cancer and ageing. They also lower your blood pressure and keeps the heart away from possible heart diseases. These anti-oxidants also work with the brain, they improve the functions of the brain and keep your memory healthy.

These are just a few of the many superfoods that will help you keep your bodily functions running well. All of them are easily available in the supermarket and is a good investment in your future health. Incorporating these superfoods will definitely have your future you feeling grateful.

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