Risks of the Coronavirus and Parkinson’s Disease

Coronavirus (COVID 19) is a type of respiratory illness which uses to spread from person to person and aged people are the most vulnerable to this disease.  On the other hand, Parkinson’s Disease (PD) mostly occurs to the senior people and hence they are at a high risk to develop COVID 19 symptoms which may lead to pneumonia. That is the reason why Parkinson patients should get the pneumonia vaccine as soon as possible and constantly keeps in touch with the doctor.

Although people with Parkinson Disease do not themselves increase the risk of catching COVID 19 since they are relatively older people they always remain at the highest risk of developing COVID 19. That is the reason why people with Parkinson Disease should limit social contact as much as possible and should take extra precautions.

If a person with Parkinson Disease develops COVID 19 then it becomes very difficult for him to survive. Currently, no vaccine has been developed for COVID 19 and due to this prevention and containment of coronavirus becomes very essential. When a person with Parkinson develops COVID 19 oxygen therapy is the only major treatment that a doctor can provide to that patient.

Some time due to COVID 19 the respiratory system of Parkinson Disease patient may fail which may lead to the death of the person. Hence, it is very essential to keep the person under mechanical ventilation in such a case.

What precaution should a person with Parkinson Disease (PD) take against COVID 19?

People with Parkinson Disease (PD) should take the following precautions so that the chances of developing COVID 19 become less:

  • Wash hands regularly: Parkinson Disease (PD) patient should often wash their hands with shop and water al lest for 20 seconds. They can also use alcohol-based hand sanitizers if they do not feel comfortable to wash hands regularly.
  • Wear a face mask: People with Parkinson Disease (PD) should always cover a mask in public. This will help to slow the spread of coronavirus.
  • Sanitize the place: Parkinson Disease patient should always sanitize the place around him. They should always carry disinfectant wipes whenever they need to go to public areas.
  • Avoid toughing face: Parkinson Disease patients should strictly avoid touching eyes, nose, and mouth without washing their hands properly.
  • Keep a social distance: Parkinson Disease patient should always keep a 1.5-meter distance from others and they should always maintain this caution whenever go out in public. They should also avoid close contact with those persons who are ill.
  • Stay at home: It is always advisable for people with Parkinson Disease to stay at home as far as possible. If require such patients can work from home. Such a patient should always keep the stock of necessary medicines and other necessary things. They may ask friends or families to supply their groceries instead of going out. This step will reduce the risk of being exposed.
  • Avoid traveling: Patients with Parkinson Disease should avoid air or any non-essential travel. But in case it is essential to go out you must avoid crowded areas
  • Disinfect the objects: As a Parkinson Disease patient, you must disinfect the surfaces and objects before you touch.

Why Parkinson Disease patient has an increased risk of severe illness from the Coronavirus?

Due to Parkinson Disease the respiratory system of the patient already remains weak. Several respiratory issues are caused when a person suffers from Parkinson Disease for a long time and in most cases, he develops breathing and respiratory difficulties. Besides, when such a patient develops COVID 19 coronavirus affects their lungs and airways. Due to this, the respiratory system of such a patient fails to lead to the death of the person. That is the reason why as compared to the normal people Parkinson Disease patient always remains at a greater risk of severe illness when they got infected with the coronavirus.


Thus the Parkinson Disease patient should always remain careful and take precautionary measures so that they do not develop COVID 19. They should be alert and should immediately check with the doctor if he ever gets any symptoms of Coronavirus such as high temperature, continuous cough, respiratory issues, and sudden loss of taste.


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