8 Common Digestive Problems and How to End Them

The worst kind of problem anyone can have could be a form of any digestive problem. This can ruin any one’s day any time. Mostly related to unhealthy living and bad dietary habits, these problems are faced by many around us, but they don’t tend to talk about it very openly. It seems to be an embarrassing topic to be discussed to most people. Many problems occur in the form of indigestion or stomach pain here are 8 common digestive problems and how to deal with them in a better way.

1. Reflux:

This problem targets the lower esophageal sphincter or (LES). The LES help to push food into the stomach and closes after that. If it doesn’t close then most probably the acid produced within the stomach walls can move up into the esophagus. This cause symptoms like heartburn, bloating, intense weight loss, etc.

2. Peptic Ulcers:

This disease develops sores in the inner lining of the stomach, lower esophagus, or small intestine. Peptic Ulcer is an inflammation caused by bacteria and stomach acid when combined together. There are many factors that are responsible for ulcer disease. Some of them are smoking, too much alcohol consumption, really spicy food and radiation therapy.

3. Chronic Constipation:

This is a problem which makes it hard for the body to get rid of waste. This problem develops inside the colon when the stool can’t pass through the rest of the digestive path. Symptoms include abdominal pain, bloating and fewer bowel movements that are painful. This best treatment for chronic constipation is to have lighter meals with low cholesterol levels, intake of less fatty oils etc.

4. Inflammatory Bowel Disease:

This disease occurs when there is inconvenience of removing any unusable material and waste products. Inflammation in any part of the digestive system can disrupt the digestive process. IBD can be extremely painful and in very rare case can be life threatening as well if not treated properly.

5. Food Intolerance:

When the body is sensitive to specific kinds of foods, it can be discomforting to digest them properly. Unlike food allergies, food intolerance only affects the digestive system. Symptoms include, bloating, diarrhea, headache, irritability, gas and even vomiting. The best way to keep safe is to properly record which foods suit you the best.

6. Pancreatitis:

This disease targets the Pancreas, a large gland that produces enzymes that break down the food in the stomach. The symptoms to the disease are that pain is felt constantly in the upper abdomen. Other symptoms include weight loss due to malnutrition of foods.

7. Diverticulitis:

A painful disease in which the wall of the colon gets infected or experiences inflammation. Symptoms of the disease include stomach pain, bloating and gas, diarrhea and vomiting as well. It is treated by the use of antibiotics advised by a doctor.

8. Diarrhea:

When experiencing diarrhea, it feels bad your bowel movements are loose and watery. Very common around and nothing to be serious about, it usually last about 3- 4 days. Medicine are available at a common pharmacy and don’t need a prescription as well.

Here we have discussed some common digestive problems to add to your knowledge. With this, treating and get to know specific digestive problems is now much easier.