9 Of the Most Essential Daily Nutrients

A healthy and nutritious diet is quintessential for all the organisms living on earth. And human beings are no other exception. The nutrients present in junk food or healthy food are almost the same and affect the body in a similar manner. However, it has been reported that those people who eat more healthy and nutrient-rich food are able to live life longer with more sustainability and efficiency.

If one accompanies a healthy diet with good lifestyle practices, then surely an individual will be able to live life better. There is no trick through which you can consume all the essential nutrients through your diet so; the best way to take maximum important nutrients is to eat all of these.

So, here we are mentioning 9 most essential healthy nutrients that an individual must take daily for better health and well being. The top 9 healthiest essential nutrients are mentioned below:

1. Carbohydrates

Carbohydrates are one of the most essential nutrients of the body as it provides maximum energy to the body for carrying out all the activities in day to day life. The body cannot function properly if it is devoid of carbohydrates. There are various sources of carbohydrates such as fruits, vegetables containing starch, sugars etc. One should include whole grains as it prevents the risk of cardiovascular diseases and maintains blood sugar levels within optimal ranges.

2. Protein

Proteins are known to be the building blocks of our body and essential nutrients for making cells and repairing of damaged cells and tissues. Some of the substances that contain protein are meat, egg, pulses, beans and other dairy products.

3. Fats


Fats are important sources of energy as it helps in enhancing the absorption of specifically fat-soluble vitamins such as vitamin A, D, E and K. One should select healthy foods containing omega 3 fatty acids such as walnuts, fishes, vegetable oils etc. Such food helps in enhancing the growth and development of the body.

4. Water

Water is very much essential for maintaining body balance. Water helps in detoxification of the body by removing waste products and toxins from the body. It is advised to consume at least 2-3 liters of water every day.

5. Vitamins

Vitamins are of two types: fat-soluble vitamins (vitamin A, D, E, and K) and water-soluble vitamins (vitamin B and C). Each type of vitamin plays a vital role in maintaining optimum health. For instance, Vitamin A is essential for healthy eyes and skin, Vitamin K helps in building strong muscles and plays an important role in blood clotting etc. One should eat lots of fruits and vegetables in order to get all these vitamins. One can also take multivitamin supplements if there is any restriction in diet.

6. Minerals

Minerals are also very much essential for maintaining a healthy body and mind. It also contributes to optimal functioning of the body. There are different minerals present in the body each performing different roles. For instance, iron is a key mineral for more red blood cells production, calcium makes the bones stronger, and magnesium plays an important role in carrying out various cellular reactions in the body.

7. Folic acid

Folic acid plays a very important role in the stabilisation of DNA and RNA (the genetic materials) of our body. Along with this, it also prevents the body from the risk of acquiring cancer or any other problems related to reproduction such as sterility in humans. One should consume lots of leafy vegetables, egg yolks, legumes etc. It is more required for females who are pregnant. So, if you want to avoid suffering from any reproduction related problems then you should intake appropriate amount of folic acid through diet.

8. Zinc

Zinc plays an essential role in the formation of many enzymes, their functioning, especially those that aids in the regulation of carbon dioxide in the body, as well as proteins. It also plays a vital role in the functioning of synapses in the brain and is required by all the cells of the body. Some of the good sources of zinc include red meat, whole grains, beans, and nuts. Since zinc is a micronutrient, one should take at least 11 mg of zinc on a daily basis. Lobsters and oysters are also considered to be rich sources of zinc.

9. Fiber

The movement of food and the nutrients taken through outside is regulated by the fibers. Fibers are required for maintaining healthy gastrointestinal activities in the body. Whole grains are considered to be the optimum sources of fiber.


Therefore, these are the 9 most essential daily health nutrients that one should incorporate to remain healthy and keep their body in a good functioning state. Food is a fuel to your body which works like a machine throughout the day. Nutrients are considered to be very important for maintaining the optimum functioning of the body; therefore, you should be careful about what you are choosing to eat.


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