Benefits of Senna: Is It Good?

Are you looking for an effective herbal treatment to cleanse your bowels or relieve constipation? Senna may possibly be the answer to your prayers. While many of us may not be familiar with the herb, we should be. It’s oozing with benefits, affecting our hair, skin and overall health. Before we go any further, let us first discuss what exactly senna is. Keep reading to learn more!

Senna: What Is this Herb?

Senna is a flowering plant belonging to the Fabaceae legume family. It bears yellow, pink and white flowers. The senna shrub originated in North Africa, parts of Asia and the Middle East. The plant is considered to be a strong laxative due to its anthraquinones compounds, also known as sennocides or senna glycosides.

Studies suggest that every single part of this plant possesses medicinal value, and it has been used as an herbal medicine for over a thousand years now. In traditional Chinese medicine, the leaves are used for their laxative properties, condensed as needed. Today, it is widely available at various health food stores in both tablet and capsule form. You can also find it in the form of tea (bagged or loose), liquid extracts or an undiluted dry root. Although the plants pods also contain some laxative effects, they are generally less potent than the leaves.

Benefits of Senna

The benefits of senna are divided into three main categories: the health benefits, skin benefits and hair benefits. These are further elaborated on below.

Skin Benefits

Like some other natural herbs, senna is inexpensive and effective for achieving glowing skin. Other benefits are as follows:

  • Helps treat skin infections: the antibacterial properties of senna are beneficial in treating some skin illnesses. The ethanol and acetone in the herb may help fight the microorganisms which cause acne
  • Treats various skin problems: the tannin, resin and essential oils in senna may help alleviate skin inflammation. In fact, the herb has been used in Ayurvedic medicine for this particular purpose.

Hair Benefits

You can use senna in a similar manner to henna to make your hair healthier. Some benefits include:

  • Fights off hair loss: the herb is beneficial in improving the condition of the scalp, treating dandruff and combatting hair loss. Furthermore, it also adds luster and definition to the hair.
  • Acts as a natural highlighter: if you want to naturally highlight your hair, senna can be of great help, giving you a lighter shade of hair. It can even make you ash blonde!
  • Great hair conditioner: if you want more volume in your hair and additional shine, senna is your solution!
  • Helps strengthen hair: when applied topically, it makes the hair smoother, shinier and stronger.

Health Benefits

Here are some of the most staggering health benefits of senna:

  • Helps treat indigestion: the herb is effective in treating nausea, bloating, heartburn and more. Similar to fennel, ginger and peppermint, you may diminish any gas buildup in the stomach through it strong purgative properties.
  • Antibacterial properties: the tannins, essential oils, and other compounds in senna contain antibacterial properties which inhibit the growth and proliferation of microorganisms such as parasites, fungi and bacteria.
  • Good for weight loss: the laxative effect of senna tea helps towards weight loss goals while boosting your fluid intake.
  • Cleanses the colon: senna is sometimes called the cleansing herb as it cleanses the colon and reduces the chance of illnesses and disease, such as colon cancer.
  • Treats hemorrhoids: the herb is essential in treating anal lacerations and hemorrhoids, because it reduces swelling and facilitates quick healing.


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