Benefits Of Senna: Are These Good?


Are you looking for an effective herbal treatment for cleansing your bowels? Or for that particular matter, relieving your constipation, then the senna plant is possibly the answer to your own prayers. Maybe most of us are not familiar with this herb. But let me tell you, this particular herb is oozing with so many benefits. In fact, the benefits of senna are not just for the health, but for the hair and skin as well. But before we get into these amazing benefits, let us first discuss some important things about this plant. Feel free to read on to this article!

Senna: What is this herb?

Basically, senna is a flowering plant, which belongs to the Fabaceae legume family. This bears a yellow, pink, and white flowers. Furthermore, this particular shrub has its own origin in North Africa, some parts of Asia, and in the Middle East. In Asia, senna is mostly found in various temperate regions of China and India. In fact, this plant is considered as a strong laxative because of its anthraquinones compounds. These anthraquinones glycoside compounds are actually popular as sennocides or senna glycosides. It gets its name from its own genus, senna. Moreover, there are some forms of these glycosides, namely D, B, A, and C.

Did you know that this plant is wholesome? Well, I’ll tell you why this is because all of the parts of it are essential for the health. In fact, studies suggest that all the parts of the plant possess medicinal value. It has also been used as an herbal medicine for more than a thousand years now.

Moreover, the leaves of the plant are actually used in the traditional Chinese medicine as a type of laxative herb. However, it has been condensed as inappropriate for regular usage. Senna s widely available in various health food stores in the tablets and capsules form. It may also be in the form of tea bags and loose tea, or in liquid extracts. Furthermore, the undiluted dry rot of this particular herb is readily available as well. And the pods may also possess some laxative effects. However, they may be lesser potent than the leaves.

Benefits of Senna

The benefits of senna are subdivided into three main categories here, the health benefits, skin benefits, and the hair benefits. Read on to know all of these!

Skin Benefits

This amazing herb may be beneficial for the skin. Just like some other natural herbs, senna is inexpensive and effective at the same time in achieving a glowing skin. Well, not just that, some other skin benefits of senna are as follows:

  • Helps in treating skin infection: the antibacterial properties of senna are beneficial in treating some skin illnesses. The ethanol and acetone that are present in senna may help in fighting the microorganisms, which causes an acne
  • Treats various skin problems: the tannin, resin, and essential oils in senna may help in alleviating the skin inflammation. In fact, the herb has been used in the Ayurvedic medicine for this particular purpose.

Hair Benefits

You can use senna in a similar manner as the henna. This is beneficial in making the hair healthier. Some of the senna’s hair benefits include:

  • Fights off hair loss: the herb is beneficial in improving the scalp condition and treat dandruff. Furthermore, it also adds a luster, as well as definition to the hair. And due to its capacity of being an amazing conditioning herb, it is beneficial in combatting hair loss.
  • Acts as a natural highlighter: if you want to have a natural hair highlighter, senna can be an of a great help. In fact, it helps in giving you a lighter shade of your hair or even ash blonde.
  • Great hair conditioner: if you want to volume up your hair and give it an additional shine, then senna can be a great help for you.
  • Helps in making the hair stronger: when you apply senna topically, it makes the hair smoother, shinier, and stronger.

Health Benefits

Here are some of the most staggering health benefits of senna:

  • Helps in treating indigestion: the herb is effective in treating nausea, bloating, heartburn, etc. If you consume this herb just like fennel, ginger, and peppermint, you may diminish the gas buildup in the stomach by way of some strong purgative actions.
  • Antibacterial properties: the tannins, essential oil and other compounds in senna have antibacterial properties, which are beneficial for the health. These antibacterial properties inhibit the microorganism’s growth, as well as its proliferation. These include parasites, fungi, and bacteria.
  • Good for weight loss: the laxative effect of the senna tea is beneficial in the weight loss goals. It also helps in boosting your own fluid intake.
  • Aids in cleansing the colon: senna is also popular as the cleansing herb. This is since it is effective in cleansing the colon. Thus averting the onset of any illnesses on it, like colon cancer.
  • Treats hemorrhoid: the herb is essential in treating any anal lacerations, as well as hemorrhoids. This is because it helps in reducing the swelling and facilitate the quick healing.


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