Best Techniques To Overcome Anxiety

Anxiety is a feeling of worry, unease or fear. Anxiety can be useful in the short term allowing you to overcome a difficult situation. However, if it persists in the long run, it can have negative effects on the health, be hectic and can demotivate the individual. If you feel your anxiety is getting out of control, you can try these tips.


Exercise is one of the best natural ways to overcome anxiety. It is from one of the few musts to make you anxiety free. Exercise is 100 percent natural activity which delivers real results. According to researchers, individuals who exercise punctually and vigorously are 30 percent less likely to develop any symptoms of anxiety.

Individuals who are not active have more chances to develop anxiety, while exercise has proven to be valuable for overcoming anxiety because it burns stress hormones that are likely to trigger anxiety, it tires muscles to prevent any anxiety symptom and discharges neurotransmitters that have an inspiring impact on the mood.

Ultra Enhanced Indo (UEI) Kratom

Herbal plant Kratom can also be used to reduce anxiety. Two Kratom strains Red Bali and Ultra Enhanced Indo (UEI) Kratom are best for overcoming anxiety. Both of these Kratom strains work by relaxing the mind and the body of the user. UEI Kratom is one of the strains which give maximum result in the least quantity. Ultra Enhanced Indo is the enhanced form of Indo Kratom, consisting of high amount of alkaloids, which accelerate the action. Always follow the right dosage for the best effects.


Practice Breathing Exercises

Some specific breathing exercises are very vital to relax the body and mind which in turn can help to overcome anxiety. These exercises are practiced by many people when they are experiencing high level of anxiety.

There are various breathing exercises but only the best techniques are more useful in reducing the extent of your anxiety. Some of these exercises include progressive relaxation, Inhale-hold-exhale deep breathing, pursed lip breathing, skull shining breath, huff cough, abdominal breathing technique, alternate nostril breathing, diaphragmatic breathing, equal breathing, coordinated breathing, etc.

I think one of the simplest exercises is Huff Cough. Sit in a comfortable position, take a slightly deeper inhale through your mouth and blow the inhaled air out through mouth in relatively three even breaths while making the sound of “huff, huff, huff”.


Studies have shown that less nutritious diet can be a cause of anxiety. One of the essential dietary mineral is magnesium, which is very effective in overcoming anxiety. But unfortunately most of the modern food processing techniques have overcome the effect of magnesium from various diets.

Magnesium is helpful to reduce anxiety in the following ways:

  1. Removes heavy metals linked to anxiety
  2. Reduces anxiety hormones
  3. Reduces depression
  4. Puts you in control
  5. Increases brain plasticity
  6. Keeps blood sugar stable

Magnesium is reduced during the course of anxiety, so individuals with low magnesium levels are likely to further deplete their magnesium level while experiencing anxiety. Consult your doctor prior to injecting magnesium in your diet.

Final Words

I have highlighted few techniques in this article to help you with the anxiety. It can be integrated into your life even at home. If you are really interested in overcoming anxiety then these tips should be regular part of your lifestyle not once in a while to reduce anxiety temporarily.