You Are Drinking Coffee All Wrong: Here Is How To Drink Coffee the Healthy Way

Coffee loving people are most worried about the question of health! How many cups they should drink so that no harmful impact on health! There we talk about healthy coffee drinking. Too much caffeine in the body will lead our body and health condition into the dangerous position, but the research also says that exact amount of coffee can be beneficial even somewhat necessary for some cases. Yes, coffee does a favor while we are fighting against diabetes, liver disease, Parkinson, endometrial cancer and keeping our heart right.  The experiment on coffee for health, in this case, suggests that we should bring the limitation of having coffee into just 3- 4 cups daily when we are habited with drinking several pots with too much sugar and cream every day!

Your First Choice is Organic Coffee:

Switching to organic coffee leaving not natural is the first thing coffee affectionate can do! Organic coffee minimizes the risk of health as pesticides is not used to grow this type of coffee, giving you high antioxidant that is helpful for preventing cancer and inflammation and keep the environment, soil and air chemical free and safe. With a trusted and popular brand of organic coffee, you can have peace of mind since it is not only good for the health but also good for the environment.

Sugar “No.”

Have you ever drink coffee without sugar? The answer is “no.” Sugar is called the killer of health as it contains a high amount of fructose that leads you some disease like diabetes and obesity. And when you are in weight loss campaign, kick it out of your hazardous coffee ingredient for growing fat in your body. We even have more sugar than caffeine while drinking coffee. Just give it up and get the real taste of coffee if it is too difficult for you to say “no’ to sugar, the solution you may find in adding cream (not flavored cream) in your coffee or using sweetener, though artificial sweetener is proved in research to be harmful to health! So the best thing is that you get habited with the simple cup of java very quickly. No risk in adding full-fat cream as studies say that no more risk of obesity in consuming high-fat dairy products.

Grind Coffee Bean Immediately Before Drinking:

Pre ground coffee is not healthy. Coffee beans begin to conk when the reasons touch oxygen and moisture. Gradually the ground coffee also loses its taste after grinding. So the best healthy ways to grind coffee just before you wish to brew! Always avoid purchasing pre-ground coffee if you are conscious about your health and nutrition. Instead just buy a beautiful coffee mill for nice, consistent grind and for the perfect brew. Learn more about here to find a best-rated coffee grinder.

Do not Drink Coffee Late in the Day:

Caffeine keeps us awake and provides energy to work more so we love it every day especially after 2-3 pm late in the day. But contrary it hampers our sleep time later. The more coffee consumption you will have after noon, the more sleeplessness night you will pass. And in the long run, it leads to insomnia. If you cannot quit coffee that time, take decaf coffee for 97% of caffeine is absent here or have tea for less caffeine. Note that healthy body always needs a sound sleep.

Drink Coffee After Meal:

Caffeine makes your body discharge sugar into your circulation system which thus makes the pancreas release insulin. On an empty stomach, this can cause a sharp drop in glucose which would then be able to set up more sugar longings. So caffeine can lessen your hunger by increasing more cravings for more sugar and this, at last, more caffeine. As well as the circle motions around more coffee consumption! Drinking coffee after a meal will help tweak this glucose reaction and keep those yearnings under control.

Add Cocoa to Coffee:

Cocoa is good and safe and adding cocoa in coffee also makes it tasty. The most active compounds in cocoa are cocoa flavanol. In one tablespoon of cocoa powder, there is around 37 – 130 mg cocoa flavanol that is beneficial for health like lower blood pressure and blood vessel relaxation. While adding cocoa to coffee, the compound methylxanthines in coffee ameliorate the cocoa flavanol’s function and improve consumption. Cocoa is also stacked with antioxidant that decreases the danger of coronary illness.

Add Cinnamon to Coffee

Cinnamon is an excellent ingredient instead of sugar and cream if you want to taste great! Good flavor goes quickly with coffee. A dash of cinnamon in your coffee increases the rate of the wellness of the body. It is a warm diet spice and has high antioxidant. Caffeine in coffee and a little bit of cinnamon gives you more energy for putting your work into full swing. Besides cinnamon fights for high blood pressure, heart disease and cold symptoms.

Use Paper Filter Brew Coffee

A harmful substance “diterpenes” is found in brewed coffee that may be responsible for raising cholesterol in the blood, positively detrimental. A simple paper filter can be the finest solution to this. Always use a paper filter to brew coffee to dispel this wrong compound and be safe always with your favorite coffee!