Tips for Making Juice- No Recipes Required

The basic definition of a juicer is that it helps in squeezing fresh fruits and converting it into its liquid form. There are not many recipes that should be followed to make juice. All that you need to do is to add all the ingredients in the best citrus juicer and switch it on so that it can do its task and get you freshness and good health in a glass. There are so many vegetables and fruits that can be used for making juice. But remember all fruits and vegetables does not make up the best flavor together so explore yourself and choose the best that blesses your taste buds.

Now, if you have got yourself confused between juice and a smoothie then let me tell you that both of these are different things. People who don’t possess a juicer sometimes use their blenders to whiz up a glass of juice. I feel that you can make a much better smoothie with a blender than juice. With a blender, it becomes tough to stain away from the pulp from the juice (for the consumer that doesn’t like pulp in their juice).

Smoothies, on the other hand, don’t have any residue because it is made by blending all the ingredients together. So, I feel that you can make better smoothies with a blender than extracting juice from fresh fruits.

Though there are various preserved juices available in the market that saves you the trouble of squeezing the oranges and other fruits a glass of fresh juice without any preservatives is always a better choice. The preserved juices have artificial sweeteners in them that are not so good for your health. Thus, it is imperative to consume freshness by squeezing fresh fruits and vegetables.

Is there a method of squeezing juice?

Well, yes there is a way of squeezing juice. First, you need to have a different combination of fruits for different types of juices. To your great help, the mixed juice doesn’t require any combination of fruits as you can add any natural fruit in it and get the best result. All you have to do is to get the fruits and vegetables together. Peel the bitter part or the cover of the fruits used and put them one by one in the juicer. The result will be fantastic. You can also add some sugar syrup and salt for new taste but keep it within the limit. For this, you need the best machine, and to buy one, you need to check out top rated citrus juicers.

How to Make A Smoothie?

Smoothies are more fun if you ask me. I like making different kinds of smoothies for each day of the week. I once saw it in a video at YouTube which displayed different coloured smoothies including different healthy ingredients. However, the process of making these smoothies remains the same as you just have to put all ingredients together and blend them.

Always remember to drink the smoothie as quickly as possible because if you leave it for a long time then it may lose its nutritional value. Get the kiss of good health with lip smacking juices and smoothies!

The best and ultimate Guide to buy Citrus Juicer


Since the British discovered that lime consumes many related services in the Royal Navy her Majesty’s, other diseases referred to as “limeys” avoided. Such nicknames are a small price to pay, however, since the Royal Navy was the driving force that allowed Great Britain to build an empire on which the sun never fell. Lime consumption also popularised the consumption of citrus fruits, and now use tools such as citrus fruit to help.

There are many kinds of citrus juicers. Here I am going to show you some of them:

Citrus press Standard

This tool can be out of style to make room for the luxury of electricity, but sometimes little work and elbows do nicely – and occupy much less space in your kitchen. This kind of manual citrus press often rests on a pot or a cup so that it can drain the seeds while the juice is emptied for later, but if you have one that does not (as a title), you should put a spout on it to its Easiest juice transfer. Application: Place a piece of fruit cut into two halves and hand-held juicers and, while gentle pressure, until you have removed the juice. Leave the seeds if necessary.

Citrus Reamer

To avoid the reaction with the acid in the juice, citric acid reamer mostly made of wood or ceramics (although there are many available metals). It is a bit bulky than manual juicers, but make sure you have a chance before you catch them the tension of juice and seeds. To use: Take a piece of fruit in half in one hand and with the other hand to insert the reamer into the cut-out side and rotate it back and forth until the entire juice has been removed.

Press juice


This is my favorite manual citrus press because of seeding and provides an advantage for a better way to juice. Before purchasing, make sure to look at what kind of citrus juice, because it comes in sizes ranging from lime to orange. You can also get these large counter versions, which are much heavier (and expensive). To use the press open and place a piece of fruit in half in the cavity. Close the handle on the top of the fruit while the pressure is applied until the juice is squeezed.

How to buy Citrus Juicer

There are some factors that you should consider when purchasing any gadget. You must consider the price, ease of use, durability and quality, and their appearance. Nevertheless, for an orange press, other factors come into play.

• Device size. If you do not have much space at home, business juices with large citrus, unfortunately, do not have to be the best option.
• The size of the liquid container. It should be large enough for you to adjust the amount of juice that is generally used. Also, it is better if it is transparent and measuring marks, so you know how much juice you have now.
• Pulp regulator. With this, you can control how the pulpy juice you want to be. You can even get the juice free of flesh.
• Dishwasher. This is the best choice as a maintenance hand wash or clean unit costly to be very tedious and time-consuming.

Final words

We all aware about the benefit of juice. Everyone who loves juice and want to drink regularly, they should have juicers. To me, citrus juicer is one of the best juicers ever I test.