7 Foods You Should Include In Your Diet for a Healthy Skin

Enhance your skin and diet with these skin foods that will keep your skin as healthy as you are! Ditch the vitamin supplements and instead nourish your diet with these fulfilling skin healthy food items.

Beef liver

With triple the recommended daily amount of Vitamin A, beef liver is sure to give your skin cells what they need. Vitamin A is critical to skin health and is used in several ways to build and maintain healthy skin cells. Studies also show that Vitamin A can fight acne, improve vision, hair, and your immune system! Vegetarian? Then opt for other great sources of Vitamin A such as carrots or sweet potatoes or broccoli instead!

Grass-fed cows store a ton of nutrients, minerals, and healthy fats in their liver, making it a health nut’s dream food. Other benefits come from the brain boosting nutrients and fats, which include vast amounts of Vitamin b12, and essential fatty acids DHA, AA, and EPA. The health benefits that you get from beef liver go on and on; it’s even available as a supplement for those who cannot stomach the thought of eating liver every week.

Fresh Fish

Since many people suffer from a Vitamin B deficiency, it’s imperative that you get a healthy serving of seafood or other Vitamin B rich food source daily. Most seafood comes packed with Vitamin B, which is not just one vitamin, but several—from B1 toB12—so it’s often hard to obtain the proper amounts of the Vitamin B complex without a supplement or well-balanced diet. Fresh tuna and wild caught salmon are excellent sources of these vitamins, as well as other essential fats and minerals that will boost your skin, heart, and brain health deliciously.

Green Tea

Green tea is go-to for healthy skin because it benefits have been the subject of numerous studies. One in particular from the Medical College of Georgia found that polyphenols found in green tea help protect healthy cells and destroy cancer cells. One polyphenol that is most abundant in green tea,“EGCG,” has been shown to revive dying cells that sit on the top layer of skin, giving drinkers more elastic skin that can heal more quickly and even prevent wrinkles and acne! Like other foods on this list, the benefits of green tea don’t stop with the skin.


Tomatoes are red, so you don’t have to be! Not really, but their biggest gift to skin health is from the antioxidant lycopene, which acts as a natural sunscreen booster. Studies have found that the powerful antioxidants in tomatoes can help the skin’s natural ability protect itself from damaging UV rays. They can also contribute to fighting inflammation as a bonus. A cup of raw diced tomatoes has 24% of your daily value of biotin, an essential vitamin for skin growth and repair and part of the Vitamin B complex.


We all know water is essential for life, but dehydration will quickly rear its ugly head on the skin. Keep yourself hydrated, and your skill will likely show it. Choose water over sugary beverages, and if you want to go the extra mile, adding lemon can give you a little more Vitamin C.


Oyster, Shell, Clams, Dry Bay, Seafood, Sea Products


Get your zinc in with a tasty oyster on the half shell; these little guys are chock full of zinc! With over 9x the daily value in a single serving, this is the best way to get the mineral. Zinc is necessary for the growth and function of skin cells. The added benefit comes from the generous amount of iron found in oysters. Helping your blood deliver nutrients to cells around the body, keeping healthy levels of iron in your body is essential to proper functioning cells.

Dark Chocolate

Rich antioxidants found in dark chocolate (with at least 70% cocoa) will purify your skin, giving it a healthy glow. This is why you see so many skin products with cocoa butter. Like the antioxidants found in tomatoes, the ones in dark chocolate can also help protect from UV rays. The anti-stress benefits that come with consuming dark chocolate are good for your skin as well.

These foods are easy to add to your diet, and the health benefits they provide go way beyond the skin. For a healthy complexion, it’s important to maintain your overall health, because signs of vitamin or mineral deficiencies will often take a toll on the skin. Call us if you have any skin health concerns or desire a more proactive approach to achieve beautiful skin.