5 Ways to Add Volume to Naturally Thinning Hair

Thin hair without volume is a sponsor of daily shampooing, jeweller’s mastery of the bouffant technique and a hundred bottles marked with “volume” in the bathroom. Unfortunately, the hair structure cannot be changed but some tricks can help improve the situation in terms of volume. So here are 5 simple rules to follow if you are seeking for more voluminous, thicker hair. 

RULE # 1

We start, of course, with washing. Our goal is to clean the roots as much as possible and not dry out the length. Therefore, we apply shampoo to the scalp only, massage thoroughly (very carefully!), and at the very end of the procedure “work out” the strands with remaining foam through your lengths. You can choose a good moisturizing shampoo for daily washing from natural components which will not dry out your locks. Pay attention to the products of T-LAB Professional. Composition of Volume line includes such ingredients as Plumeria Aven Water, Organic Amaranth Oil and Vegetal Hyaluronic acid. These natural elements provide hair with a high moisturizing effect and soothes the scalp. You can find products by clicking the link https://tlabprofessional.com/product-category/volume-filler/. Try for yourself!

RULE # 2

Introduce a new product that works wonders for thin hair that lack moisture. A secret in making hair more voluminous is a volume filler which will lift up strands from the roots and even enhance hair growth. T-LAB Volume Filler Tonic Spray that contains a unique natural complex of hyaluronic acid, aloe extract bio and cotton oil deeply saturates the hair shaft,  stimulates healthy hair growth, deeply nourishes and thickens hair.  Product is designed for thin, fine hair and will do magic to locks that seek more thickness and volume. 

RULE # 3

Many girls believe that the ideal drying technique is with the head down and a powerful stream of hot air. Far from it! This method opens up the hair cuticles for damage, they become brittle and begin to break off at the ends.

Therefore, there is no need to strain the neck muscles once again. Sit up straight. Equip yourself with a tunnel comb then, turn on the hairdryer at full power and set the temperature to medium or lower if possible. Start drying your hair from the roots, lifting the comb above your head. Lift each strand, this will allow you to fix the maximum volume at the roots and not dry out the ends. By the way, do not forget to treat them with thermal protection beforehand.

RULE # 4

Not everyone knows that not only products and ways of styling helps make hair more voluminous. The huge role in this business is played by a haircut. The main thing is not to cut your hair according to the ruler, making the cut straight. In this case, the hairstyle will appear flat, the hair not thick, but sparse. The hairdresser should do a multi-layered haircut with graduations. Both with styling and without it the hair will look more voluminous. 

Speaking about colouring, we can say that it is better not to dye thin hair in one tone. More sophisticated techniques, such as shatush and balayage, emphasize the colour of individual strands and thereby visually increase the volume of the hair. To enhance the effect, hair after such dyeing must be styled with twisting ends or waves.

RULE # 5

There is one more trick that can give more boost to your thin strands without any effort. Do not wait for the next or third day after wash to apply dry shampoo, use it right after blow drying. This method will act as a preventative tool from hair getting greasy and at the same time will easily add more volume at the roots. Spray T-LAB Instant Miracle Dry Shampoo along the roots, for maximum effect, use it together with other Styling Collection products by T-LAB Professional. This product gives marvellous freshness, volume and more flexibility.

Lastly, regularly clean your combs and brushes, get trims, include greens and foods with saturated fatty acids into your regular diet and stop touching your strands … Then your hair will become effortlessly voluminous and worthy of the cover of a glossy magazine!


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