Repair Your Skin – 9 Charming Tips For Lockdown

As much as we want to get ready well, put that makeup on and hop on a party, Covid-19, an unseen virus has locked us all down at homes. I’m sure it must be annoying to stay home for weeks and weeks, but if you think of it rightly, there’s always a chance to use the time wisely. Remember when you started your job and how desperately you wanted a summer break? Isn’t it something you ever wished for? Sure, there are some challenges. But we can stay home and work on our personal improvement and show some self-care.

There’s no chance that you can prioritize a beauty treatment over the deadly pandemic nowadays. What can we do then? If you look properly, your kitchen has many things that can help you revive your beauty. Sounds something productive to do in Quarantine, right? Yes. Read through and find more details to start taking care of your hidden beauty.

1.Get over Makeup:

For many reasons like official meetings, gatherings meetings, we all knowingly put those harmful chemicals filled makeup on our face. Sometimes they are unavoidable to be accepted by society. Well, now, Lockdown got you some relief. Stay away from regular makeup and let your Skin heal to its original form.

2.Sleep well while Covid stays out:

Staying in is the new safe option. Honestly, it can’t get any better. Close that laptop, turn your phone off, hide under the comfortable blanket and get adequate sleep. Let’s balance out all those sleepless nights while working or binge-watching a favourite show.

3.Make a way to good Eating Habits:

When you’re out at work, party, or any other possible reason, it’s tempting to eat so much junk and unhealthy food. But now, we’re home. No one to force, and we can keep our self-esteem high. Eating fruits and drinking juices can make the Skin nourish and glow. Our regular vegetables, pulses with high-protein values can improve your health, which eventually makes a face brighter. Nuts and berries are fun to eat and great for health too. Say no to sugar, flour and processed foods as long as possible.

4.Let your hair twirl naturally:

Don’t use a dryer. Don’t straighten. Don’t let curling iron come close to your hair.

Let your hair breath, cure and get back to its natural form. Pause the helplessness of using chemical shampoos, sprays and conditioners. Instead, give your hair a lovely spa with homemade hair-masks. Trim those unhealthy edges and let it grow faster and healthier. 

5.Learn to deal with Acne:

Acne is so usual and a symbol of adulting these days. With the inappropriate diet, irregular sleeping patterns, change in the lifestyle is leading to hormone imbalance, which is the main reason for Acne. Once you fall in the claws of Acne, there are very fewer chances of escape. What can you do then? Push your spoiled schedule and get back on your feet. How do you use your time to work on your acne issues? We’ve got some tips for you.

Correct your sleep pattern. Cut down on sugar. Eat healthily and put your limits to exercise. This can make your body healthy and face acne-free.

6.Healthy face routine: 

How many times have you read or research for great skin? Now is the time to follow that. As many people with great Skin follow the healthy skin routine, you too add this to your schedule. Clear your pores with a cleanser, even it with toner, let it glow with serum, Moisturize to maintain hydration. Follow this while you’re locked down at home and let your colleagues go ‘Wow!’ when you get back to work.

7.Dark circles? We’ve got you covered: fine lines, and ageing Skin – Fight for good Skin:

With the increased screen time, lack of natural light, excess makeup usage, and exposure to UV lights are the main reasons for Dark circles, fine lines, and skin ageing. These might not sound like significant issues, but are you happy with it? If the answer is No, you need to continue reading this.

For dark circles, use cucumber slices on top of your closed eyes. Or soaked badam paste can give protein to the dark circles and make them heal. Stay away from the screen as much as possible, or take regular breaks in between while working from home. Sleep sound and tight. And your dark circles will be gone soon. 

8.Say yes to be free:

Not going out. That means no tight clothes, heels. Wear that good old loose and breezy t-shirt and let the crocks rock the house. Avoid wearing tight clothes and uncomfortable footwear when you can. But what if you get habituated to it and lose the fashion when LockdownLockdown is over? We’re sure you’re good enough to bring that swag back to when required.

9.Drink more Water:

Don’t say that this is something everyone says. Give it a try, and thank us later. Let the Water take the stage. Let it kick the impurities out of you. There’s no such thing that excess Water. The more the Water you drink, the better the body works. For the first few days, you might experience a runny bladder, but that’s absolutely fine. That just means Water is flushing out all the toxins inside, and whatever remains is pure.

Water maintains the body hydration level and lets the body function accurately. This brings health to the body and beauty to face. Drinking juices, too, have nothing but the best results. So, add more juices, soups, and liquids to your diet to have better benefits.


Laziness is undoubtedly more attractive than being productive or active, but this is of no use to our human body. But not an ideal solution for long term results. Eat, sleep, and exercise appropriately while staying at home and become healthier, gorgeous, improve metabolism. Let’s make the most of the lockdown period and do everything that we couldn’t do in our regular busy life. Get on your feet now. Happy Lockdown!


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