9 Great Workout Routines And Exercises To Try Out During Quarantine

Are you practicing social distancing by binge watching your favourite web series on Netflix, eating and sleeping? While most of us are working from home it is important that we do some workouts and exercises whenever possible. It will not only keep us in good shape but will also aid us in reducing our anxiety and panic attacks. Mentioned below are some of the exercises and workouts that will keep you motivated, active as well as sane during this quarantine.

1. Push-ups

You can try our yoga push ups that are similar to standard push-ups along with an additional hip hike twist. At first get into the push-up position. After that lift up your hips in the air.  Then you need to hold an inverted V position.  Lower your hips slowly and move your chest very close to the floor. Then get back to the initial push-up position and after that to the inverted V position. Keep on repeating. You can also do incline push-ups which is a traditional one’s elevated form. Begin it by getting into the push-up position by keeping your hands well rested on any elevated surface such as your bed’s edge. Let your abs stay tight and keep your back straight. After that push down, get the chest completely to that surface on which you are inclined and get back to the initial position. While going down, start to breathe in and while going up always breathe out.

2. Squats

Correct your posture and strengthen your quads by doing squats. But always remember to do it with correct form. You need to stand by keeping your feet and hip distance wide apart. Keep the hands by your sides and try to sit back into the heels. You should do this by pushing the butt back as well as down. Clasp the hands by the chest and let your chest as well as back upright for preventing hunching over. Press the knees out to your sides for preventing them to crave in. Push through the heels for straightening your legs as well as stand up. If you are looking for some easy exercise during your work hours, then chair squats will be the best one for you. Stand in front of your chair and keep your feet and hip wide apart. Always stand straight. Then lower the body slowly towards the chair and do not sit down. While you start to squat, let your knees as well as ankles stay aligned and also place the weight completely on your heels. Finally keep your body straight and start repeating.

3. Crunch

If you wish to try a variation of crunch that becomes doubles as a stretch then try figure 4 crunches. Make it modified by bending your knees and do not extend your opposite leg. This will be perfect for those individuals who experience some discomfort in the lower back. Start by lying with face-up on your exercise mat and then draw the fingertips to the temples. Keep your left leg extended on the ground and then bend your right leg by placing the right ankle on the left knee. Crunch up the upper body by drawing the back as well as shoulders off your mat. Simultaneously lift the legs from the mat in such a way that it resembles a figure 4 posture and draw the chest towards the knees. Then start twisting by drawing your left elbow to your right knee. Continue it for 25-30 seconds before you alternate your legs.

4. Lunges

Place your feet and shoulder wide apart. After that move forward with one of your legs into a wide posture and let one foot stay in front of your other foot. Then lower the body. Finally dip the ankle. While performing lunges, always let your body be stationary, spine neutral and straighten shoulders by gazing forward.

5. Leg Raises

Lie down on the back and start to raise your legs. Let your legs stay straight and then lift them completely to the ceiling till you can feel your butt coming off the surface. Lower the legs back slowly until they come just above the surface. Maintain this posture for one second and then raise up the legs back up. Then repeat.

6. Swimmer

Another great exercise for improving your posture while you work from home is swimmer. Lie on your belly and then put all pressure on the abdominal muscles. Do not arch your back. Raise the arms to the side and then lift the chest as well as belly away from your mat while you squeeze the shoulder blades. Finally come back to the initial position.

7. Standing bicycle

Start by standing straight and placing the hands behind the head. Then start to lift your right leg while you start twisting your body to your left, tap the foot down and then repeat. Once you complete a set, repeat the same method with the other leg. Remember to keep your posture straight during this exercise. Also when you raise the leg, let your elbow come near the knee.

8. High knees

It is a very easy exercise but it will aid you in working on your core. Start by standing straight and placing your feet almost hip and width apart. Let your arms stay on your side and place your palms towards the floor. Then drive your left knee to meet up your left hand and after that bring it to the ground. Then do the same procedure with your right knee and right hand. Keep on repeating.

9. Jump rope

Jump rope workout routine will help you to elevate your heart rate and stimulate your lymphatic system from long sitting periods. It will also assist in improving coordination along with balance. If you do not have any jump rope at your home, you can also stimulate your motion and start jumping in place.  Do lateral jumps for best results. Keep together your feet and the shoulders back as well as down. Let your hands stay by the sides and hold each rope end. Tighten your core and jump up with the feet together while swinging your rope and landing on your feet’s balls. Continue it without the heels touching the floor.

Try to divide each of these workouts and exercises into 2-3 sets of 15, 30 and 60 seconds. Always rest for 10 seconds after each set and then start on with the next set.


Try these simple yet effective workouts they are fun, easy and will show results overtime. Ensure you devote a good time daily for a maintaining a perfect workout routine and exercises during quarantine. You can also check the social media accounts of some fitness trainers for additional support.


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