Fish Oil vs. Krill

Even though not everyone agrees with the use of supplements, science shows that some supplements do have several health benefits. For instance, omega-3 supplements have been used to regulate hormones, improve cardiovascular health, treat skin conditions like eczema, improve cognitive function and help with joint lubrication. Of the omega-3s, fish oil has been lauded as the ultimate supplement. It is used for all the above functions, it’s affordable and it’s bio-available. However, a few years ago, a new supplement burst onto the scene; another omega-3 supplement that is slowly taking over and has become the next big thing in essential fatty acids. It is reportedly more potent and better than fish oil for some conditions.


Introducing Krill Oil

The fish oil vs. krill oil discussion has led to interesting findings as science experiments continue to discover the potential for both. We’ll discuss more on this later, but first we need to find out the benefits of both essential fatty acids. It is important to consume essential fatty acids, as the human body cannot manufacture them by itself. We must, therefore, get them from our diet, but it may be impossible to get the recommended amount just from the foods we eat. This is where supplements come in, as they provide the recommended amounts in small, convenient sizes. Essential fatty acids help with:

  • hormone production
  • the formation of healthy cell membranes
  • inflammatory and immune responses
  • liver function
  • blood pressure
  • blood clotting regulation
  • adrenal and thyroid activity
  • the breakdown and transportation of cholesterol
  • the development and optimal functioning of the nervous system.

They are also excellent in supporting the growth of healthy hair and nails and promoting healthy skin. Essential fatty acid supplements are therefore an important addition to anyone’s diet.

Which Supplement is Better?

Getting the right supplement for your needs is hard, which is why many people are constantly comparing. Both fish oil and krill oil are excellent for your heart health, and the body is welcoming to both. Fish oil has 30% DHA omega-3 EFAs and EPA content as compared to krill oil, but krill oil has a lot more benefits and packs more punch than fish oil. Krill oil is 48 times more potent and has more antioxidants, Vitamin A and E, lutein and the coenzyme Q10 than fish oil. It is also better for the environment than fish oil and doesn’t accumulate heavy metals, dioxins, PCBs or other contaminants like fish oil does.

Because of its potency, it has been shown to be better at relieving arthritic pain than fish oil. Krill oil is good at reducing pain, inflammation, loss of function and stiffness and is also excellent for relieving PMS. Studies continue to show the effectiveness of krill oil, and its resistance to oxidation makes it more stable and while its easy absorption makes it work faster. Its bioavailability, environmental sustainability and contaminant-free nature makes krill oil better than fish oil. So I suppose you have your answer for today!


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