5 Fitness Tips for College Students

College is a crucial time in a person’s life. They are developing into a responsible adult and are studying to lead a secure and successful live in the future. But what many students forget that just studying and getting good grades is not the only goal they should aim for. Exercise is vital to lead a healthy life and must be a part of any student’s routine. Any student who is good at a sport can have plenty of exercise through various games, but there are students who are involved in societies that do not require so much physical activity.

For students not involved in any sports must take care of their health and not become obese or too weak. This could damage their health and their future as these problems give birth to further complications in the body. Due to a busy schedule, you may not get sufficient amount of time to have a healthy diet plan and physical activity. This article sums up tips that you can use throughout your college life and can be your guiding source to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Planning your Routine:

It’s always helpful to have a planned schedule for your activities. And your plan should be such that involves exercising. Assign yourself days and timing which you think will be most appropriate for you to exercise. It is suggested by fitness experts that morning time is the best to exercise. Therefore if you are planning to exercise in open air instead of joining a club or gym then wake up early to benefit from nature and exercise. But if you have classes that start really early, another time can be evening time for you. The sun is less harsh and you won’t get sunburnt.

Find Like Minded Individuals:

Keeping friends who motivate you to work out, or even join you in your activities is the best strategy to follow a fitness routine. You can encourage each other to exercise and be their partner in lifting weights and helping each other with various exercises. This tactic can also increase your friend’s circle if you are a freshman. You would also be making fewer mistakes in groups since there will be others to correct your mistakes, as opposed to exercising alone.


Most universities have large campuses, which provide the perfect opportunity to have a walk. If by any chance you missed your exercise make it your habit to walk around the campus to compensate for the loss. Take the stairs instead of elevators. All these calories burned culminate to you getting a healthy lifestyle and a better physique. If you don’t feel like walking all the way alone, have a friend come with you so that you can be involved in a conversation which will help you divert your mind from the distance. But be sure to have an application that will provide you with calculations regarding the calories you burned and the distance you traveled.

Eat right:

It may be the oldest trick to be healthy but it is the most effective. You are what you eat and this is why you need to keep a track of your meals. Eating right helps you avoid weight gain or losing excess weight. Skipping meals does not help as your body will want to compensate in the next meal by overeating. Eat your meals on time, and if you are running late for a class then make sure that you eat a little healthy snack such as a fruit as soon as your class finishes. Keeping a few fruits in your stock will help you be healthy and keep you fed when you are short on time to savor a whole meal. Avoid relying on diet plans that are just a fad, instead, do your research on the one that suits you and your body. Not all bodies are alike; this leads one type of diet producing different results on different individuals.

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Make Use of Dorms:

If none of the other options work for you, then embrace your dorm room as your gym. You can work out in your dorm room and purchase small equipment that will help you get in shape. This will lead up to you saving your time to go to the gym and you can even exercise any time you want. You may not have enough space in your room, but it is big enough for you to buy a mat on which you can do pushup exercises and abs exercises and stretching.

Exercising and eating well should be always on your priority list. Your college life shapes what you are and prepares you for the real world. The habits you pick in this stage of life could possibly be your defining features for the rest of your life. Hence you should learn to treat your body with care so that in the future it’s not hard for you to follow the same routine