10 Simple Life Hacks To Make You Beautiful In 2017

To feel and look beautiful is everyone’s desire. Easy and effective alternative ways apart from skin care products that helps you achieve beauty is something many people are implementing in their lives now and it has become an easy way. Save your precious time and get gorgeous with these amazing life hacks to make you beautiful in 2017. There is a long list of numerous amazing easy to create your self-alternatives to beautify yourself instantly.

1. DIY mix for your clear skin

You can now reduce the uneven skin tone on your face, elbows, knuckles, knee caps and more. At the comfort of your home easily make a mask with ingredients easily available at your home. Make a mixture of orange juice, baking soda, and a pinch of charcoal powder. Apply the thick paste to your face and patches where needed and let it dry for a while. Remove slowly and gradually when it has dried off to remove black head and shall give your skin the natural glow.

2. Smooth your Mascara and get softer lashes

Usually mascara application gets your lashes rigid and stiff. To get smoother lashes always apply a light layer of petroleum jelly e.g. Vaseline. Carefully dab it with your fingers and apply the mascara. It will be super smooth and shall make your lashes softer than before.

3. Dry Nail Paint Instantly

Once you’ve applied the coat of your favorite nail polish, immediately dip them in ice cold water for a few seconds and you’ll get dried nails instantly allowing you to carry on with your daily chores easily. Get your even smoother coat right now.

4. Curl your lashes with ease

If you’ve tried eye brows and they don’t stay curled for long, here’s your ultimate fix. Use a hair drier to blow the heat on to the curler for a few minutes till it’s hot. Curl your lashes after you’ve applied heat to it and is hot and notice the curled lashes for a longer duration.

5. Get rid of Puffy eyes and Eye bags

After a long hectic day one tends to get puffy eyes and eye bags that are not easy to get rid of. Keep your used Green Tea bags in the fridge till their cold. Put each on the eye for a good 6-7 minutes. You’ll see the puffiness go away and shall help you get rid of dark circles. Repeat this cycle before you sleep and after you wake up.

6. Fill in your eyebrows with convenience

Save any old mascara brushes and uses them to easily fill your eye brows. Slightly dap them on to your eyebrow. This shall help you easily smoothen your eye brow hair in one go and give them a darker tone easily.

7. Let your lipstick stay on for longer

Before you apply your lipstick, pat your lipsticks with a coat of lose powder. Cover completely. Now apply your lip color on your lips. Press down the coat with a layer of tissue. This makes your lip color stay for a very long time even of you eat or drink without the hassle of reapplying every few minutes.

8. Get Polka dots Nail Art

Apply the base coat of your favorite color on your nail. Once it dries out stick a bandage with basic holes in it. Apply another shade of your choice and viola. There goes a perfect polka dot nail paint done in just a few minutes.

9. Make your Fragrance’s smell Last longer

Apply any perfume or fragrance right to your skin. Applying to your skin allows the perfume to react with the human heat and stay longer rather than being sprayed on the clothes. Applying on the skin helps the scent to stay unlike the one’s being sprayed on fabric giving it a stale smell and changing the cloth color.

10. Get Whiter and Stronger Nails

Rub your nails with any dental toothpaste, with the help of a soft scrub, or bristled brush. Follow this routine frequently and you shall notice whiter and stronger nails giving you a natural manicure.


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