Garlic’s Health Benefits: Cardiovascular Disease?

Over the years, Garlic has been utilized to add flavor to a lot of cuisines. It is also used for its medical benefits, particularly those affecting heart health. Nowadays, garlic has been one of the more widely used herbal treatments for cardiovascular health. It is used to prevent high blood pressure, atherosclerosis and high cholesterol.

Garlic: A Natural Way to Cure Diseases

Garlic has a lot of vitamins and minerals essential for heart health. It contains vitamin B6, vitamin C, selenium, manganese and many other antioxidants. These antioxidants reduce blood stickiness and combat free radicals – keeping blood flow normal to avoid blood clots.

If you are looking for a natural way to avoid getting chronic cardiovascular ailments, and to promote overall heart health, taking garlic (especially the raw one) is the best answer for you. Studies suggest that garlic can offer many benefits for cardiovascular health and can provide defence against harmful diseases.

CVD, or cardiovascular diseases, are ailments that primarily affect the cardiovascular system. Some these include high LDL cholesterol, high serum total cholesterol, increased platelets and hypertension (high blood pressure). These have been connected to an increased risk of heart disease. The good thing is, garlic has been proven to reduce all of these factors.

One study with consistent positive results showed the ability of garlic to reduce platelet accumulation. Moreover, clinical trials also illustrated that garlic is effective in lowering cholesterol. However, less consistent results were acquired in studies on garlic’s potential to affect oxidative stress in people with cardiovascular disease and reduce high blood pressure.

Crushed Garlic Gives Cardioprotective Benefits

A 2009 study published in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry investigated the abilities crushed garlic and processed garlic. The study aimed to help recover a laboratory rat’s heart from induced heat attacks. Based on the study, both the crushed and processed garlic had cardioprotective effects. However, the rat that received the crushed garlic was in better condition. It was also much better in restoring a good flow in the blood vessels, unlike the other rats that were tested with processed garlic. Likewise, the rats that were treated with crushed raw garlic were found to have increased blood pressure in the heart’s left ventricle.

However, the question now is: how does crushed garlic have greater Cardioprotective effects? The researchers that conducted the study stated that it is the hydrogen sulfide found in garlic that made the crushed garlic more effective. This compound acts as an antioxidant when cut or crushed, transmitting chemical messages that simultaneously relax the blood vessels and increase the flow of the blood. When the garlic is cooked or processed, its ability to generate hydrogen sulfide is lessened.

Garlic Oil Health Benefits

Garlic oil is one of the most beneficial oils you can use in maintaining your cardiovascular health. The sulfur compounds in it can increase the hydrogen sulfide, which helps relax your veins and arteries. It also helps increase the flow of blood through your vital organs.

Increase blood flow is not only very important for our cardiovascular system and blood pressure, it is also essential for the brain, liver and other vital organs in our bodies which mainly rely on a strong and healthy blood circulation.

Targeting bad bacteria in your body is also one of the garlic oil’s health benefits. Using garlic oil will kill all the bad bacteria in your body while leaving all the good bacteria protected and encouraging them to multiply spontaneously.

The dosage in garlic oil capsules acts like a powerful antibacterial substance in your body, eventually getting rid of the bad germs and bacteria that may cause a lot of chronic diseases. In order to have good health, it is important that our bodies are healthy and well-functioning. Having said that, taking garlic oil capsules can be a great help in maintaining a healthy body that’s safe from diseases.

Consuming garlic oil in a capsule dosage is beneficial, as it only releases its active ingredients once it reaches your small intestines. This is important for your outer appearance and hygiene, since your stomach will be totally cleansed.

Garlic is undeniably beneficial in having a healthy body. Its effect on one’s cardiovascular health is also certainly amazing. We can safely say that garlic isn’t just a condiment to addi flavor to our cuisine. It is a great help to a lot of people who suffer from cardiovascular diseases!




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