Health Tips : White Discharge & its Types – Check Pregnancy

Actually There are 3 types of White Discharges to know about the pregnancy , periods etc.., And Many People don’t what they mean actually like Is white discharging normal?? Or Is it a Serious Sign of Something dangerous health issue. If you are one of the person who is seeing white discharge or creamy discharge , don’t panic at all. In most of all medical cases , it is perfectly normal discharge – mostly if it has no taste ( odorless ). Lets have a closer look at some of the types of creamy/white discharges to determine whether your case is normal or an issue to have a check up with your doctor.

Types of White Discharges & What they mean ??

1 . Milky White Discharge
2 .Thick White Discharge – Every One has to Know
3 . Excessive Discharge ( Is it Brown? )

1 . Milky White Discharge – White Milky Discharge :

Actually Creamy White Discharge for any individual is normal , so no need to be panic about creamy white discharge. It is just an indication of few life cycle things. Most of all the women will experience this type of creamy discharge during the time of ovulation. If it is stretchy , it’s mean you’re ovulating now.

In few cases , this type of discharge ( creamy discharge ) is an early symptom of Pregnancy occurring. For some women it referring to as leucorrhea. This creamy discharge is mostly either odorless or a it has little odor sometimes.

2 . Thick White Discharge :

This type of White discharge is the most concerning to most of all the women but in many cases , mostly this discharge is mostly normal. As cycle progressing , Center parts discharge thickens.

In the menstrual cycle or at pregnancy time , at regular intervals/stages many women experience thick discharging .
Thick white discharge is treated / seen in different ways like : Thick White Discharge during Pregnant time , Before Period , No Odor , After Love Making (intercourse time) & Clumsy Discharge .

Thick White Discharge During Pregnancy :

Many women will actually face this discharging during the pregnancy time, it is perfectly normal most of the times. And many women face thick creamy discharging also at the pregnancy early stages. At this time , Women’s Vagina works overtime & creates lot of over discharging to keep cervix healthy by keeping the part moist and sealed and also reduce the body heat . It occurs mostly at the last time of pregnancy time. If your discharging is white , clear , odorless , You are fully healthy women as a pregnant. Your body is keeping you healthy by discharging and by keeping cervix clean to make you a healthy individual.

Thick White Discharge Before Periods :

If it is happening at the ending / at the beginning of the menstrual cycle , it is perfectly normal . This discharging is just producing more thick liquid material than at the ovulation time. If you are facing lot of itching then consult doctor.

Thick White Discharge Of No Odor :

This type of odorless discharging mostly at the time of ovulation. It is perfectly normal to all individual women. It also can be as a pregnancy sign. If your period timing is late sometimes , try to take a pregnancy test by consulting a doctor.

Thick White Discharge After Love Making Time :

It appears like alarming & it’s normal mostly. This discharging can be seen due to the vagina lubrication , Cervical Mucus & Due to the Male Ejaculation.

Thick White Clumpy Discharging :

If this clumpy discharging is smooth &odorless , it is normal. If it is analogous to cottage cheese , it will be due to the symptom of infection. If you are facing this yeast infection with foul smell , try to meet doctor and use the medications required.

3 . Excessive Discharging – Brown Color ??

If you are facing with thick discharging , mostly it is normal & it is also a symbol to see a doctor. Reasons behind the heavy discharge : Ovulation , Pregnancy , Love Making Excitement.

Coming to the conclusion , Discharging is normal mostly. If yours is clumpy and having foul smell like hydrogen sulphide / other have a check up with your doctor to reduce infection if you are facing.