How To Improve Digestion And Stop Gas

According to the human mind, there exist two types of individuals in the world. Healthy and unhealthy. Period. You can have the most nutritious diet in the world, but if your digestive organs have problems, it is of no use. There is many a joke, about drinking eight glasses of water, eating two eggs, two bananas every morning to remain healthy and many more. But do all the foods get digested? That is the question. To live a happy life, you need to stay fit and healthy. Food is one of the prime components of human life. But digestion is a more important factor.

The era has moved from the ages of agriculture labor to corporate offices. During the old ages, our ancestors lived in tandem with Mother Nature. And they stayed healthy. But come to the corporate world, you are always hard pressed for time. Right from the second, you put the legs off the bed to the minute you lay the head for rest on the pillow, you are always in a state of tension. You do not get time to exercise. Agreed, but having food? Can a professional in his 30s, kindly remember, when was the last time he cherished the food with the family? Maybe eons. Consuming food has become a family get-together activity where children are hooked to their mobiles and the elders thinking about the plans for the day etc.

The result, the food does not get digested. In the right fashion. Just imagine a situation, where you have to burp in the middle of an important meeting in front of the CEO and other board members. The reason, gastric problems. Or, while going for an important meeting with the client, you end up having a headache and suffer from bloating problems. Please note, that if you remain fit and healthy, it is easy to move up the career ladder. Period.

Why do you suffer from gastric problems?

gastric problems

The main reason – Humans do not understand and respect their body. The body is one of the best creations of Mother Nature. It has the tendency to heal itself. But it needs a human mind which can respect its actions and respect the promises. Shall we take an example? You are in Pune and work in a private Organization. You have breakfast every day from Monday to Friday exactly at 8 AM in the morning. The body gets ready for the food. So the intestine in your body releases digestive juices at the specified time (8 AM) so that the food gets digested easily.

But what do you do in the weekends?

You sleep till 10 am because you had a hard working week. The body gets confused at 8 AM. It still releases the digestive juices, but unfortunately, you take food only at 10 AM. Now, the digestive juices have long gone. And it becomes difficult for the body to digest the new food. That is when indigestion starts creeping in, slowly and steadily. If you maintain the same routine without fail for five years, chances are you will suffer from digestion and gastric problems.

What causes gas?

The digestive system in your body has submitted to unhealthy conditions. It is not breaking foods properly to absorb nutrients. If you are constantly disturbed by burps, that means a lot of undigested food has remained in the intestine. The gas escapes, but what about the hard toxins generated? They stay in the intestine and contribute to the formation of diseases long-term. However, not all burps are the result of gastric problems. Some may be pockets of air which you swallowed during the meal.

Burping refers to gas escaping from the mouth while farting is the gas from the rectum. Both, if came at inopportune moments, can give rise to embarrassing situations.

Home Remedies

Whether a student or professional, ensure you make time for relishing the food. Do not gobble up nor have food just for the sake of having one. Kindly understand, the food you take is for giving energy to the body. You need to chew one morsel of food at least 24 times before ingesting it. The digestive organs can do their job efficiently and you remain in the best of health forever.

  • Always prefer the natural foods. A raw apple is more healthy than an apple juice in a bottle or paper container. And when you buy apples, ensure that it is not waxed. Instead of buying egg omelet from the food stall at uneven hours, opt for a boiled egg and a banana before going to the office.
  • Maintain a emotional connection with your body. There may be foods, your body does not like nor digest. With age, you can get to know about these fruits and vegetables. Reject them from your diet, no matter the dish. Some get rashes if they eat brinjal recipes. Make a list and abide by them.
  • Do not drink umpteen quantity of water after a meal. This has been the saying since the old ages. The reason, if you have consumed heavy food, the digestive juices set in and start the digestion process. Now, if you drink water, it can reduce the concentration of digestive enzymes. So, drink water one hour before a meal. If you want to consume water after a meal, you can opt for fruit juices or water laden items such as watermelon etc.
  • There is a famous proverb – After lunch, rest a while; after dinner, walk a mile. It is true, if you notice the events. During the mid-day, your body will be very active and after the food, you need to rest a little so that the digestive process carries its duty. During dinner, the body will be tired and to make it active, you can take a long walk to activate the organs.

Now shall we look at the symptoms of indigestion?

The symptoms are many –

  • Nausea
  • Cramps
  • Heartburn
  • Flatulence
  • Abdominal pain
  • Heaviness
  1. The quality of foods also needs to be considered. In cities such as Pune, the husband and wife go to work, the children to school. Nuclear families are the new trend. The food prepared in the morning becomes the breakfast, lunch and dinner.  The children and teenagers prefer hotel food than home food. And they eat at improper intervals. That is when the diseases creep in.
  2. To remain healthy, you also need to include fiber based foods. It can enable easy passage of food via the intestine and prevents constipation. Some examples are wheat, oats and grains.
  3. To prevent gas, if the conditions are more severe, it is advisable to visit a physician. This is to prevent the formation of stomach ulcers in the future.
  4. Are you a chain smoker? Do you booze every weekend? If yes, please note, if suitable precautions are not taken care, you tend to lose your health. In the wrong way.If you do not eat properly after consuming alcohol, then the alcohol content can give rise to ulcers because the food gets digested easily. Also, consuming alcohol and heavy smoking can impact negatively on the digestive system and give rise to gastritis, heartburn and reflux.
  5. Avoid foods that can cause gasAs humans, your body may be allergic to some foods. Accept the fact of life and move on. Some humans suffer from lactose intolerance. That is, if they drink milk, they suffer from gastric problems. In case of foods, draw a list of the foods that can put you in an embarrassing situation. It can be apples, sprouts of grains and also icecream.

Is it more serious?

Did you undergo a surgery such as a hernia or weight loss or in the abdomen? In that case, have a hawk’s eye on your health. In case of gastric problems, contact a physician as soon as possible.


Is there another method to combat gastric problems, promote digestion and remain in the best of health? There is. Physical Activity. In other words. Exercise. If you work in a office, you do a check every month to find if every employee is working fine. Similarly, exercise is the method to check if every organ in your body works to its potential. A regular bout of exercise can not only enhance the fitness levels, but also reduce the impact of existing diseases. But please check with your physician before deciding on the exercise. If you suffer from heart problems, you are forbidden to lift heavy weights. Do simple exercises. Make a start and slowly increase the rhythm.

You will remain healthy. The food in your tummy gets properly digested.

Do you live in Pune? Do you find it difficult to practise exercise every day? Then you can seek the assistance of the best gym trainers in Pune. You can easily hire them by downloading the app of the best home maintenance company which offers doorstep repair services in Pune. These companies, also offer beauty services and fitness trainer services. You can schedule for a meeting with the best personal fitness trainer in your home, office or personal gym. He/she can then come to a general conclusion about the exercises you have to do and then make a start. You will never suffer from digestion problems and gastric challenges for a lifetime. If you follow the fitness trainer’s instructions to the T.


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