Most Amazing Health Benefits of Eucalyptus

Have you heard of eucalyptus? This plant has an amazing oil that can be beneficial for your overall health. In fact, eucalyptus can get rid of bacterial infections, eliminate inflammation and lower blood sugar. It also helps ease anxiety and stress, protect the skin, strengthen immunity and boost respiratory health. There is even more to this amazing oil than what meets the eye, so keep reading to learn more!

What is Eucalyptus?

Eucalyptus refers to a large kind of a flowering tree that has about 700 species, most of which are found in New Zealand and Australia. Some of the more extensive species are in Southeast Asia. Most eucalyptus species range in size from a small plant to a flowering tree, but they all have one thing in common – their leaves, which contain oil glands. This oil is where the plant’s health benefits lie.

Because of the various uses it has, eucalyptus is a major trade item of the Pacific region. It has been used for thousands of year by indigenous people.

Now, let’s proceed to discussions about the oil of the eucalyptus plant.

What is Eucalyptus Oil?

Eucalyptus oil can have comprehensive effects on a person’s overall health. This surprising oil actually comes from dried eucalyptus leaves, which go through a steaming and distillation process to extract the oil. The oil is colorless and sweet, with a strong woody scent.

Today, about 5% of eucalyptus oil comes from Australia, while China contributes the remaining 95%.

Health Benefits of Eucalyptus

Here are some of the most amazing health benefits of eucalyptus:

Aromatherapy. Inhaling eucalyptus oil may serve as an aromatherapy, relaxing the body.

Helps treat inflammation. Since eucalyptus is a naturally anti-inflammatory plant, it is effective in treating inflammation, and it may help protect the heart and reducd the risk of atherosclerosis.

Helps control diabetes. This is one of the best health benefits of eucalyptus. Research suggests that the leaves can be brewed into a tea. This is an effective treatment for diabetes, and if you don’t have diabetes yet, the tea can help prevent it.

Helps with skin care. The antibacterial properties of eucalyptus help protect the health of the skin. You can rub the leaves on your skin, drink eucalyptus tea or use its oil to treat various skin illnesses.

Helps reduce anxiety and stress. The soothing effect and natural sedative of eucalyptus helps relieve stress and anxiety. The tea is the most recommended form for this effect.

Helps boost immunity. Eucalyptus tea will be best for this, as various studies suggest it helps protect the body against various bacterial infections.

Helps improve respiratory health. Eucalyptus oil has been effectively used to treat various respiratory ailments. It is particularly useful for removing catarrh from respiratory areas. The active ingredients in the oil actually act as expectorants, ridding the respiratory tracts and sinuses of excess mucus and phlegm.

Uses of Eucalyptus

The eucalyptus tree can be useful in many ways, including:

Wood and paper source. The eucalyptus tree is fast-growing, which makes it valuable as a source of paper and wood.

Eucalyptus leaves. Eucalyptus leaves are brewed to make teas used to treat various illnesses. The leaves are also a very important source of food for some animals in New Zealand and Australia, such as koalas.

Eucalyptus oil. This most probably is the most helpful product that is derived from the eucalyptus tree. However, in certain cultures, the bark and leaves of the tree are more expensive to purchase.


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