Most Essential Health Benefits Of Cissus Quadrangularis

Cissus quadrangularis is a perennial kind of plant, which has been in use in the Ayurvedic treatments for many generations now. This particular plant is actually a good addition to the overall health. In the actual fact, it has a lot of health benefits, which are all great for the betterment of the overall health. These include the ability of Cissus quadrangularis to reduce losing weight issues, optimize the cardiovascular function, prevent diabetes, protect the teeth, ease menstrual issues, soothe various pains, make the immune system stronger, improve the respiratory conditions, boost the bone health, and reduce the inflammation, among others. Give this article a read and get to learn more about Cissus quadrangularis.

Cissus Quadrangularis: What is this?            

Cissus quadrangularis is actually closer in relation to the common grapes. This particular perennial plant has a lot of other common names, just like the Veldt Grape and Devil’s Backbone. Even though it is not entirely certain on where Cissus quadrangularis originally came from, Sri Lanka or India are the two contenders. Nevertheless, this particular perennial plant is now present all over Asia and Africa. Now, it is even exported in the United States because of its essential health qualities.

Furthermore, the Cissus quadrangularis has also been in use in the Ayurvedic treatments for so many generations now. The extracts coming from the plant are also proven to be very valuable and essential in the field of herbal medicine, and may now be accessible in supplement form in various parts of the world. Moreover, the active ingredients in the Cissus quadrangularis, which make it potent comprise a wide range of minerals, vitamins, triterpenoids, and carotenoids.

Moreover, the early popularity of the plant nearly just focused on the role of aiding in weight loss, yet as more and more research is done, it’s becoming clear that the distinct chemical composition of this astoundingly astonishing plant might benefit a lot of some other aspects of the human health.

Health Benefits of Cissus Quadrangularis

Here are some of the most essential health benefits of Cissus quadrangularis:

  • Provides relief from menstruation cramps.

Cramping, mood swings, and bloating are among the moist typical side effects of menstruation. The Cissus quadrangularis is essential in relieving the discomfort and cramping throughout menstruation. This is what makes it greatly desirable in the herbal remedy world market.

  • Aids in bone and dental care.

Studies actually show that Cissus quadrangularis has a correlation with the oral health. This is actually the same way on how this perennial plant aids in the bone health. Cissus quadrangularis, in the actual fact, may help in preventing the degradation of the bone matters in our body. As well as stimulate the bone growth. In the actual fact, research suggests that Cissus quadrangularis helps stimulate the osteoblasts production. These are the cells in the body that are responsible for the bone growth. Not only that, it is also recommendable as one of the herbal treatments for those who have broken bones, in order to speed up the healing process.

  • Aids in the wound healing.

Vitamin C, as we know, is an important component of the collagen –the material that is essential for the body in building everything. The high levels of vitamin C in Cissus quadrangularis is essential in the growth and repair. This just means that the wound healing process may get a boost and may recover rapidly.

  • Helps in boosting the immunity.

High levels of vitamin C or ascorbic acid in the Cissus quadrangularis is essential in getting an extra defensive shield against various pathogens. As well as, foreign substances in our body. The vitamin is beneficial in the white blood cell production that fights infections and conditions, thus improving the overall health.

  • Helps in preventing diabetes.

One of the most distinct health benefits of Cissus quadrangularis is its own ability to lowering the levels of blood sugar in the body. Actually, this is done by way of regulating the blood sugar release from the nutrient intake. As well as in ensuring that, the insulin and glucose levels stay optimal in the blood.

  • Helps in treating various respiratory conditions.

The effects of Cissus quadrangularis are somewhat similar to that of the steroids for the system. Furthermore, when it comes to the respiratory tract and issues like asthma, Cissus quadrangularis supplementation may prevent the attacks or even lessen the severity.

  • Helps in reducing inflammation.

The overall anti-inflammatory properties of various organic compounds in the Cissus quadrangularis may help in reducing the swellings, as well as the irritation all over the body. However, most of the conclusive studies have their focus on the reduction of the symptoms of hemorrhoid.

Caution on the Consumption

The Cissus quadrangularis actually does not have any generally reported allergic effects. However, some of people actually experience flatulence, nausea, or headaches. Specifically when they get an exposure to the plant for the first time. Just like with some other herbal treatment, there are some potential complications with the medication individuals may be taking already. Hence, always consult your doctor before you change your herbal supplement routine.


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