Sore Throat Causes and its Treatment

When we sick, one of the most common and hurting symptoms which we will experience is a sore throat or throat pain. It is a very hurting and irritation outcome of cold, the swollen glands make swallowing hurtful or painful. As we know that the cold is not only the reason of a sore throat, there are other so many reasons which cause throat pain. Most of the time symptoms can be very painful and last long due to serious infection. In that case, it is a great idea to consult with health care provider.


According to Dinotact Website, sore throat is a common problem. People of all ages experience this due to any possible reason. In a sore throat, swallowing includes so many muscles as well as nerves such as a month, throat muscles and also esophagus swallowing. Pain feels when you swallow or moving meals, chewing due to swallowing glands. In this article we describe the possible causes and medication or treatment of a sore throat.

Possible Causes of Sore Throat

  • Due to Bacterial Infection: Bacterial infection can cause a sore throat. Usually, these kinds of infections are very serious. Some infection may require antibiotics to recovery.
  • Fungal Infection: Fungal infections of throat and mouth are most common cause of throat irritation when a person has a weak immune system. This happens due to changes in weather or changes in moisture.
  • Pain caused by Strep throat: Another example of the bacterial infection known as streptococcus bacteria that is very common in children as well as an adult. In that infection, the tonsils and throat become red and swollen.
  • Due to Stomach acid in throat: People who suffer from acid reflux, hurt burn or stomach acidity can also face pain when swallowing. This will lead to swallowing and inflammation which can cause pain in the throat.
  • Some Medicines cause Sore Pain: This cause of a sore throat is not related to any infection, this is the overuse or wrong use of medicines. Some medications can cause swollen throat. So, before taking any medicine concern with your doctor.

Treatment of Sore Throat

There are many treatments for a sore throat. Usually, people like to treat a sore throat with over the counter medicines such as pain killers, allergic tablets. But these medicines are harmful when you don’t read any precautions and don’t concern with the doctor before taking them. If you suffer from mild pain in your throat then you definitely go with over the counter medicines. But if you face any serious problem or infection which is last for a long time then you make an appointment with your doctor and follow the doctor’s instructions.

There are also many natural treatments for swallowing pain such as natural and effective home remedies. As you know every medicine have possible negative effects but home remedies are a pure and natural way to treat the throat pain. Also, drink lots of water, keep yourself hydrated, try some honey and lemon tea, also try turmeric warm milk etc.


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