The 6 Most Popular Weight Loss Trends In 2018

Thinking about losing some weight but you’re not up to speed when it comes to latest weight loss trends? Do people nowadays go on a fitness class or eat more probiotics and drink green tea to lose some weight? Each one of us has their preferences when it comes to losing weight in a certain way. The trends in 2018 are showing us that there is something for all of us who are ready to change their eating habits and become more active in order to get fitter. Take a look at how you could get to your ideal weight (or at least close to it) and consider carefully each one of the options.

1. Middle Eastern food

Let’s immediately start with an exotic suggestion! Why not enjoy the traditional food of Morocco, Lebanon and Israel while simultaneously losing weight? It’s about being the citizen of the world, and this year it’s popular more than ever! Things like pitas, falafel, harissa or shakshuka are the specialties you should try out but you can also play it simple with eggplant and pomegranate.

The reason why Middle Eastern food is good for weight loss is that it is full of various spices. The effect of herbs and spices on successful weight loss is very significant, as their overall health benefits.

2. High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

This type of exercise is getting more and more fans each year, and this year it’s a real “hit”. It’s that popular mainly because it’s perfect for busy people who can’t find two hours three times in a week to do their workout but who still wish to be fit. HIIT workouts only last for some 30 minutes but are incredibly intense and beneficial. They consist of high-intensity activities and short periods for rest. For example, you are expected to do jumping jacks for 20 seconds and then rest for only 10 seconds before you move on to the next type of exercise. It’s also a great option for people who hate spending their free time on long workouts – HIIT is an effective way to get you where you want to be in under half an hour.

Its secret is in the body’s need for oxygen. While doing HIIT, your body will increasingly need oxygen, and there will be a shortage of it because of the high intensity. That means your body will take much more oxygen during the period after the workout, namely the recovery. This consequence is called excess post-exercise oxygen consumption and it leads to burning more calories next time you do your HIIT.

3. Powerful powders

People all over the world are starting to realize the power of high potency serums. Turmeric and matcha lattes are continuing their popularity in 2018, too, along with a few ones added to the list, such as cacao and maca root.

For those of you who are new to the whole powders thing, maca root originates from Peru. It’s highly nutritious and it builds your muscles, increasing your performance and raising your energy levels. On the other hand, cacao is actually the bean from which we get chocolate. It has excellent anti-inflammatory effects and it serves as a powerful antioxidant, just like chocolate, only without the excess sugar and fat.

Lastly, activated charcoal is making its way as a superfood because it greatly detoxifies our bodies and cleans our whole system. Add it to your list, too!

4. Gastric sleeve surgery

You can put your mind at ease while trying to lose weight – if everything else fails or if there’s just too much weight for you to deal with in any other way, there’s this efficient procedure that’s that in just one hour and you come home with a few little cuts. No need to think that it’s dangerous or a rare procedure – it’s the latest trend in Australia, where there are numerous experts who have raised it to a whole new level. Many Australians have undergone a simple gastric sleeve surgery in Newcastle, Sydney and other cities and got rid of the excessive weight for good. So, have this option in mind, too – you’ll get a part of your stomach removed and feel full in much shorter time.

5. Drinking vinegar

Maybe you think you’ve read it wrong – you aren’t. Drinking different kinds of vinegar can be incredibly efficient in helping you lose weight. Vinegar is known to decrease blood level after you eat carbohydrates, which means it can reduce your future cravings for carbs. If you combine it with food rich in carbohydrates, the vinegar acts as an inhibitor to the full starch digestion. These starches then serve as probiotics that feed the good bacteria in your stomach, improving your immunity along with your digestion process.

Vinegar is a simple drink – it consists of water and vinegar with some natural fruit juices. However, there are certain types of vinegar that come with probiotics or even flavors like a peach. Try it out!

6. Functional mushrooms

You have probably eaten the usual cremini and button mushrooms, but have you experimented with chaga, reishi and cordyceps? The three types of mushrooms are called functional mushrooms and they serve as effective additions to a healthy diet that aims at losing weight. They are very high in antioxidants and help your cells regenerate. They are also known to improve your memory and cognition. The great thing about functional mushrooms is that they can be added to a number of things, including tea, smoothies and even coffee. They add a creamy flavor to the beverage and simultaneously fill you with nutrients.

Final comment

So, there you go. Six great trends for 2018 that will help you lose weight, get fit and be healthier. The thing with these trends is that not only they are really helpful for achieving your goal but they also make you want to try them out as you know that they are popular all over the world. And once you check what the hype is all about – you’ll probably stick with a couple of them!


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