The Most Interesting Health Benefits Of Beech

Beech –this is a kind of tree that is very common all over Asia, North America, and Europe. Well, this is actually a collective term that comprises of various tree species. Nevertheless, in general, beech is a great addition to the health. In the actual fact, there are lots of health benefits of beech, which are all essential for the overall health. These include the ability of beech to protect against chronic conditions, detoxify the kidneys, relieve pain, prevent various infections, reduce respiratory conditions, boost the newborn health, improve the skin health, protect the immunity, stimulate the hair growth, and many other. Feel free to give this article a read if you want to learn more about beech.

Beech: What is this?

As what we have said above, beech trees are some kind of trees that are very common all over Asia, North America, and Europe. The term ‘beech’ is actually a collective term that describes the Fagus genus that comprise more than 12 species of trees. The beech trees, in spite of being common, have been and remain to become so vital for a wide variety of reasons.

Beech trees actually work as excellent firewood, to smoke some alcohols and foods. As well as a material for construction for almost everything from cabins to tables. Nevertheless, beech trees also deliver when it comes to health or medicinal benefits. The trees’ flowers, branches, nuts, leaves, and barks may all be beneficial for various applications and illnesses when prepared correctly.

Most of the varieties of beech are specific to a geographic continent or region. Therefore, varying mainly on your region or location, the beech trees and the beech nuts may have a bit different qualities from each other. Nonetheless, the genus is a bit the same and the medical benefits must be largely similar.

Health Benefits of Beech

Here are some of the most interesting health benefits of beech:

  • Possesses antiseptic properties.

The branches of the beech trees may be distilled down in order to produce a kind of creosote or tar that may be topically applied to wounds in protecting them against microbes and infections. This particular sticky substance may also be applied to the skin in order to improve the appearance of it, soothe inflammation, and reduce the signs of aging and scarring. Moreover, research shows that beech is a good treatment for burns, frostbite, boils, psoriasis, and eczema.

  • Helps in treating kidney disorders.

Even though the seeds are toxic in huge amounts, a decoction may be made, which is shown to boost the kidney function significantly, as well as stimulate the urination. As a diuretic, the beech is also essential in clearing out the toxins from the body.

  • Has antioxidant potential.

The tree bark are actually rich in lignans and some other antioxidant properties, which may be a main boost to the immunity. The antioxidants may help in neutralizing the free radicals, which cause chronic conditions and cell mutation, just like cancer. By way of drying the bark and handling properly, it may become a sustainable source of greatly beneficial antioxidant properties.

  • Helps in relieving headaches.

The beech leaves may be boiled in order to create a salve or poultice that has analgesic properties. In the traditional medicine, beech tree poultices were essential in treating headaches and some other mild pain-associated conditions. Furthermore, it is still a part of various herbal analgesics on the market nowadays. This actually works not just for the topical application, but also for the oral consumption.

  • Helps in improving digestion.

The leaves of the beech tree, as well as its shoots are rich in cellulose and fiber. These are essential in regulating digestion and offers a feasible foraging food if it becomes important for camping trips, hikes, etc.

  • Good for the infant health.

The great levels of vitamin B6 in the beechnuts is essential for those who are pregnant, especially if they want to make sure of the health of their baby. Vitamin B6 or folic acid or folate is important in preventing neural tube defects in babies in their mother’s womb. Adding beechnuts in the diet is a great idea. Nevertheless, you must just add it in moderation since the nuts have some toxins in them, which must not be taken in large quantities.

  • Aids in the hair care.

The distinct chemical composition of the beechnuts are essential in stimulating the hair growth as well as making the hair follicle beds stronger. If you are suffering from hair loss, the beechnut oil may be a good addition to a carrier oil and use it on the hair in order to boost the strength and appearance of the hair.

Caution on the Consumption                   

Aforementioned earlier, there are various parts of the beech tree that are toxic. Therefore, if you are not that trained or familiar with these parts of the tree, do not attempt to try it all by yourself. Speak to a professional herbalist, medical professional, or botanist before you add it in your treatments and regimens.


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