The Most Remarkable Health Benefits Of Licorice


Have you seen, heard, or tried of the licorice before? Well, actually, licorice is a species of plant, which is highly valued for all of its very rich flavors. Not just that, this plant is also oozing with so many essential nutrients. All of these make up all the necessary health benefits of licorice. In the actual fact, the licorice can provide a relief from menopausal symptoms, peptic ulcers, premenstrual syndrome, respiratory ailments, stomach disorders, and canker sores. Not just that, it is also beneficial in fighting against various types of infections, like shingles, hepatitis, HIV, and herpes. There is more to licorice than meets the eye. If you want to learn more about licorice, feel free to give this article a read.

Licorice: What is this?            

Licorice is originally from the plant species, Glycyrrhiza. It is loved by a lot of people due to its opulent flavor. The name of it actually comes from the Greek word, glycyrrhiza that means sweet root. Moreover, this particular herb is actually innate to Southern Europe, and in Asia. It is often denoted as the sweet root. Well, this mainly attributes to a certain component in it, known as the glycyrrhizin. This component is present on the plant’s roots that is sweeter than the sugar. There has been a lot of appreciation regarding the licorice in the Chinese medicine system for more than a thousand years. As a matter of fact, they call it peacemaker herb. Furthermore, it’s one of the most extensively consumed herbs all over the world. It is now presently grown in Asia, the Middle East, Germany, England, France, Spain, and Russia.

Moreover, the licorice is a wooded-stemmed, perennial type of herb, which grows up to approximately 1 to 2 meters. Furthermore, the wrinkled and long roots of the licorice spread out underneath the ground and branch out horizontally. Together with its own use in the food industry, people also love it for all of its medicinal benefits for supplying vitality and longevity ever since the ancient times.

Furthermore, the licorice extracts possess phytoestrogens that help in the promotion of detoxification, immune defense, dental health, and healthy hair and skin. Moreover, it helps in combating depression and body odor.

Nutritional Value of Licorice

The licorice is capable of offering a wide array of essential flavonoids and nutrients. It is also a great source of pantothenic acid, thiamin, riboflavin, niacin, and vitamin E or tocopherol. Furthermore, it may also provide essential minerals like zinc, silicon, selenium, potassium, magnesium, iron, choline, calcium, and phosphorus. Moreover, it is also a powerhouse of important phytonutrients, just like quercetin, ferulic acid, phenol, thymol, isoliquiritigenin, glabridin, glycyrrhizin, and beta-carotene.

Health Benefits of Licorice

Here are some of the most remarkable health benefits of licorice:

  • Aids in cardiovascular The antioxidant properties of the licorice extracts are essential in preventing cardiovascular stress to those who are diabetic. The glabridin flavonoid in the licorice root is beneficial in providing a vascular protection even in high glucose conditions.
  • Helps in treating neurological disorders. The licorice is essential in treating neurological conditions like Lyme disease and Bell ’s palsy. Furthermore, it also helps in preventing the involuntary flow of tears as well as the development of some other neurological symptoms like the paralysis of patients who suffer from Bell’s palsy.
  • Aids in dental health. The licorice extracts are essential in the treatment and prevention of gingivitis and dental caries. Furthermore, the antimicrobial properties of the deglycyrrhizinated licorice are essential for the Streptococcus mutants as well as inhibit the biofilms and dental plaques formation.
  • Helps in boosting the immune system. The licorice is beneficial in the prevention of the malfunction of various adrenal glands in the body. These glands are responsible for the hormone production like cortisol in order to manage the stress in the body, and help improve the overall function.
  • Helps in preventing cancer. This is one of the best health benefits of licorice. There are chemopreventive effects in the licorice. These are beneficial in treating various types of cancer. Studies show that the licorice roots are essential in restricting the growth of the breast cancer cells.
  • Helps in treating stomach issues. The glycyrrhizic acid in the licorice is essential in providing security against the bacteria, Helicobacter pylori. Furthermore, it may also utilize some therapeutic effects in treating the signs of impaired digestion and dyspepsia.

Culinary Use of Licorice

The licorice has been in use as a great flavoring agent in various confectionery products, like candy and chewy sweets ever since the ancient times. Furthermore, it is also widely valuable in the industry of tobacco, especially in the manufacturing of smoking mixtures, cigarettes, and cigars. It is also beneficial both as a moisture-controlling agent and as a flavor enhancer in various tobacco products. Moreover, you may also use it in the manufacturing of beverages like beer, because of its foaming capacities.


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