The Most Staggering Health Benefits Of Human Growth Hormones

When we talk about health, it is important to know about the various medications that we use, which may be beneficial for the body as well as for the mind. One of which is the human growth hormone. The health benefits of human growth hormones are quite amazing and are enticing. If you want to know more facts and information about HGH, feel free to read on to this article.

HGH or Human Growth Hormone: What is this?

The human growth hormone is mainly produced and made in the pituitary gland. It is beneficial in the promotion of linear progress in kids as well as in teenagers. When the body stops growing taller, the human growth hormone phase quickly declines and may become very low in the adult lifestyles.

Naturally, our body produces growth hormone in the pituitary gland. Furthermore, as its own name implies, the HGH is responsible for the regeneration and growth of cells. The increasing the bone density and the muscle mass cannot take place without the presence of growth hormone. However, it also plays an important role in the maintenance of the human tissue health. This includes the brain and some other vital organs of the body. In the event that the growth hormones are being secreted, it remains active in the bloodstream for about a few minutes. Even though this is the case, it is already enough time for the liver to be able to convert it to become growth factors.

The most crucial of them all is the IGF-1 or the insulin-like growth factor-1 that vaunts a lot of anabolic properties. Some scientists began harvesting the growth hormone from the pituitary glands of some cadavers in the mid-1950s. However, they did not synthesize the first human growth hormone in the laboratories up until 1981, with its own use as a drug that enhances performance.

The HGH or human growth hormone is commonly beneficial for bodybuilders, gym-goers, as well as athletes. This is for them to feel and look more youthful as well as to boost their performance in their field. On the other hand, some fitness experts suggest that there is still no enough evidence that the human growth hormones are effective.

Uses of Human Growth Hormones

It was in 1985 that the synthetic human growth hormone was developed. Furthermore, it is also then when the FDA approved it for various specific uses in adults and children. For children, the human growth hormone injections are approved in the hope of it treating various short figure of unknown cause as well as the poor growth because of a number of medical causes, such as:

  • Turner’s syndrome –genetic condition which affects a girl’s development
  • Chronic kidney disease
  • Children who are born small for the gestational age
  • Human growth hormone insufficiency and deficiency
  • Prader-Willi syndrome –this is an unusual genetic condition that causes reduced muscle tone, truncated sex hormone levels, and relentless hunger feeling

In adults, the uses of human growth hormone that has been approved are as follows:

  • Human growth hormone deficiency because of some rare tumor in the pituitary glands or its treatment
  • Short bowel disorder –this is a condition wherein there is no proper absorption of nutrients because of some severe illnesses in the intestine or some surgical abstraction of the large part of the intestine (small).
  • Muscle wasting-condition which is commonly associated with Acute Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS) or Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV)

Side Effects of HGH

Below are some of the most common side effects of human growth hormone:

  • Increase in the cholesterol levels
  • Tingling sensation or numbness in the skin
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Edema or the swelling because of the fluid in the tissues of the body
  • Joint, nerve, as well as muscle pain

Health Benefits of Human Growth Hormones

Here are some of the most amazing health benefits of human growth hormones or HGH:

  • Helps in reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease: those who are deficient in growth hormones have a higher risk of some cardiovascular diseases, thus leading to reduced life expectancy.
  • Helps in building stronger bones: the HGH is beneficial in encouraging the production of IGF-1. This is mainly produced in the liver and is released into the blood. This is what stimulates the formation of the bones and the resorption of the bone cells.
  • Helps in enhancing weight loss: HGH helps in accelerating the lipolysis or the breakdown of the lipids and involves the hydrolysis of the triglycerides into the glycerol and free from fatty acids.
  • Help in better fracture healing: the use of HGH is beneficial in speeding up the regeneration of the bone. Thus making it a main part of the bone healing process.
  • Helps in increasing the muscle strength: HGH is beneficial in improving the physical capacity of the individuals. This is by way of stimulating the collagen synthesis in the skeletal muscles and the tendons.


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